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K-pop stars Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon Guilty for Gang-raping Women serves Imprisonment

K-pop stars, Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon were accused of gang-raping women and treating women as sexual objects. Later, a South Korean court found both the stars guilty and charged them with imprisonment. The K-pop stars drugged these women, gang-raped them and even filmed and shared the sexual act against their will. Jung Joon-young got six years of imprisonment and Choi Jong-hoon received a five-year jail.

Both the 30-year-old were reportedly in tears after hearing the court’s verdict. They were accused of gang-raping two different victims in 2016 at different times. The singer-songwriter, Jung Joon-young was found guilty for filming the sexual act with different women and sharing the same multiple times on group chats without the knowledge of women. The women were unaware of them being filmed.

The guilty stars were also part of these social media groups where they shared their illicit sexual acts and even made fun of drugging and raping multiple women, revealed the Seoul Central District Court.

While charging both these men, judge Kang Seong-soo added they treat females as sexual objects for pleasure. The judge also said he can’t imagine the pain of the victims who discovered this hideous crime later and how might they have felt being the part of it.

Jung in his testimony said he regrets his imprudence and feels great shame. He added that he should only live in shame from now. He was also accused in March 2019 of surreptitiously filming and sharing their videos. Jung admitted this and quit the industry.

On the other hand, the other culprit, Choi, former F.T. Island band member is feeling no guilt for what he did. These investigations have revealed the dark side of the glamorous and scintillating industries. Such cases also put a light on South Korea’s spy cam porn pandemic.

The whole case was enlightened when a different police investigation was being conducted around other K-pop stars, Seungri. He was also part of Jung’s group chat. Seungri was charged for providing prostitutes to his foreign business investors. Later, police discovered Jung’s video while investigating Seungri’s case.

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