Frozen 2 Movie (2019) Trailer released: An Animated Disney Movie, Cast, Crew

Frozen 2 Movie (2019), Frozen 2 is a Disney’s sequel of Frozen, an upcoming Animated Musical Fantasy film, made by production company Walt Disney Animated Studios and going to distribute by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Its Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, Produced by Peter Del Vecho and Screenplay by Jennifer Lee & Allison Schroeder.  Frozen 2 will be World Premiered on November 22, 2019.

Disney Frozen 2 Movie (2019): Stars

Frozen 2 stars Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf.

In two minute trailer of Frozen 2 plot, brings out the new adventure for Elsa and Anna. With the starting of Frozen 2 trailer, we see that Elsa is on the dark island and tries to control heavy waves from her magical powers of ice by freezing the water waves and fall, while on other side Anna looking concern.

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Frozen 2: Who is she??

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Frozen 2 trailer also released the new characters seen surrounded with dry leaves, looks like Autumn season.

Frozen 2 Movie (2019) Trailer

Disney Frozen 2 Movie (2019): Cast, Crew

The Cast and Crew of Frozen 2 are same as of Frozen. Frozen was a story of two sisters Anna and Elsa where Elsa had some magical powers and she can’t control herself on her power, she even hurt once her sister Anna while playing but after their parents died,

Elsa choose to be a queen of Arendelle but when Hans, Prince of Southern Isles proposed Anna, Elsa objects and accidentally reveal her powers and the Duke brands her as Monster. Elsa left the palace and went to North Mountain where she built an ice castle.

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See #Frozen2 in theatres November 2019.

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Anna went out to find Elsa, reaching the ice castle, Anna met Elsa and Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart and take Anna with Kristoff to Hans for “ true love kiss” which can cure Anna’s heart but Hans found to be plotting  a game for capturing Arendelle throne by eliminating both sisters and locked Anna in a room.

Olaf frees Anna and Kristoff reveals he’s in love with Anna. Anna released  Elsa for getting accused of killing her, as that’s Hans who tried to kill her. Hans and Duke get arrested. Elsa ends the winter and both sisters get reunited.

Frozen 2013 film was ranked as the highest grossing animated film of all time, it was also the highest earning film with a female director. Frozen was a  huge hit, it made with a budget of $150 million but earn on Box Office $1.276 billion. We hoped the critics made Frozen 2 as good as Frozen or even more hit than Frozen.

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