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Disney Movie “Cruella” Teaser out: Will “Cruella” be able to make fur with “Dalmatians”?

The Disney movies are presenting Cruella, the one who had her last appearance in Disney Movie 101 Dalmatians. Cruella wanted to buy the puppies to make fur with their skin but Anita declines the offer because of which Cruella steals the puppies. However, we see all dogs find the puppies and get them back home with Cruella arrested for the kidnapping of 101 Dalmations. Now 2021 is back with a horrifying part of Cruella! 

The Release date of Cruella Movie:

The movie will be releasing on 26 May 2021 due to pandemic the date was changed. It was first released on 24th December 2020, one day before Christmas. Looks like our Christmas movie list is decreasing day by day. 

The Cast of Cruella Movie:

“Emma Stone” will be playing the character of “Cruella De Vil”, she was also seen full of fear in the teaser. “Emma Thompson” aka the Baroness, “Paul Walter Hauser” aka Horace, “Joel Fry” as Jasper and “Jamie Demetriou” aka Gerald will be cast in the movie. We still don’t the characters of “Mark Strong”, “Emily Beecham” and “Kirby Howell-Baptiste”. Keep reading to know the characters in the next article. 

The plot of Cruella Movie:

Emma Stone looks like a psychotic designer who will commit a crime of using fur clothes made by killing dogs. We saw an absolutely horrifying teaser where she is making the fur with Dalmations skin! Did Cruella become successful to kill the Dalmatians? As we know that she gave a blank check in the first movie which was played by Glenn Close. Now a young actress will be playing named Emma who also played a role in spider-man series. It looks like she is about to throw the spider web on Dalmatians! 

It’s a good movie which shows us the brutal truth of the fashion industry, who makes animal fur and sells it for lakhs and thousands of rupees. A life killed for money! Who is the animal in the world? Who has been saying don’t act like animals? This trailer will make you never buy fur clothes!

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