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13 Reasons Why Season 4: Will “Estella, Diego, and Winston” find justice for “Monty”? Click here to know the Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more!

On one side we have Eleven from Stranger’s thing saying that “Friends don’t lie” and on the other side, we have the students of liberty high hiding the truth. Ironically both series managed to hit the top 10 shows of 2020 on Netflix. 13 Reasons why is based on Suicide, and harassment of students in High school which leads to unsolved Mystery and Crime scenes. The final season, the 4th season was released recently on 5th June 2020. 

Cast Of 13 Reasons Why Season 4: 

The final season ended with the new cast, Winston as the lover of Monty, played by “Deaken Bluman”; Estela de la Cruz (Estella), Monty’s sister played by “Inde Navarrette”; and Diego, the football player played by “Jan Luis Castellanos”. Also Chole, Bryce’s ex-girlfriend returns in season 4. Well, other characters like Clay Jenson, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Zach Dempsey, Tony Padilla, Tyler Down, Ani Achola, and Alex Standall were highlighted in this season. 


Plot : 

*SPOILER ALERT* The storyline of the final season ends with Diego, Monty, and Estella trying to find the truth behind Bryce’s death. Wilson the new student of senior year in Liberty high gives a shock to Clay and his group. Ani the only one who knows that Wilson loved Monty and when Bryce was killed Wilson was Monty’s Alibi. Clay Jenson trying to save everyone but will he be able to save himself? The worse news that our favorite character might die in this season! Guessing who? Yes, you are right. I won’t tell you the name, you have to watch to find out. Clay and Justin will share their brotherhood bond in depth this season. Zack the good guy acting like a spoilt brat hiding his emotions with the guilt of hitting Bryce in the third season. 


Alex feels depressed and sorry to kill Bryce in the third season. Winston interrogating and heating Bryce’s murder case to find justice for Monty. This season is also about how Clay and his covering for Alex lead to break their friendship. Do you think that they will be able to save their friendship or end up this season breaking one? Rumour has it that Clay is giving the speech of Graduation! Remember Hannah baker’s funeral speech? Justin Foley our heartthrob will again manage to win our heart in this season! 


Remember the last season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? 13 Reasons Why will also have the same melancholy hitting the fan hard at the end of season 4. I hope you watch the series and keep reading to know more highschool drama ahead this 2020! 

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