Has Jesus Colmenar really confirmed Money Heist Season 5?

The biggest robbery was about to take place at the Bank of Spain but things didn’t go as per plan. Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) was already killed by Palermo (played by Rodrigo de la Serna). However, The Professor (played by Alvaro Morte)  was successful in fooling the police van carrying Raquel Murillo (played by Itziar Ituno) & landed her safely at the Bank of Spain.

The last season was full of adventure & suspense. The season ended on a great cliffhanger as Alicia Sierra, who was removed as a police officer after it came to light that she attempted extortion on Rio, pointed a gun at the Professor.

Now the question arises, will she shoot at the Professor or was the Professor already aware about it? If he really had an idea about this, then he must be ready with a plan. But the fans want to know the remaining story & they are awaiting the confirmation from the production team.

We have a really good news for the eagerly waiting fans as the producer of the series, Jesus Colmenar has already told the Spanish press that a fifth installment in the series can be expected. Moreover, Itziar also stated that the fourth season is unlikely to be the last one.

It all adds up to the point that although we haven’t got any official confirmation about its renewal. But one can easily form an idea about its renewal as the last season ended on a great cliffhanger. Furthermore, the cast and producer also stated that the series must continue.

Although, until now no exact release dates are declared by the makers. That means the fans need to wait more for the official release date. There are no official teaser yet but we can expect a teaser as soon as the makers confirm the production of fifth season. For the latest details about Money Heist Season 5, you can stay connected to us as we will be updating you with the latest information.

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