Good Morning, Veronica starring Camila Morgado, A serial killer enters the way in October.

The Brazilian web series is about two cases that involved suicide and abuse. What will you do if you get a strange call from a woman asking for help? Will you help her? That call gave the silence, and the shock can drive one crazy. A situation which no one can imagine themselves with is about to hit Netflix in October. Keep reading to know everything about the series. 

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Release Date: Good Morning, Veronica/ Bom Dia, Veronica

The drama series is releasing on the 1st of October 2020. Netflix launched the trailer on the official application a few moments ago. The series is an adaptation of the novel “Bom Dia, Veronica” by Raphael Montes and Ilana Casoy. 

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Cast: Good Morning, Veronica/ Bom Dia, Veronica

Tainá Müller will play the lead character as Verônica Torres. She is a police officer who will solve the mystery of a potential serial killer. Talking about the Serial killer, this time, it’s a woman, aka Camila Morgado as Janete. Also, the one holding the scissor in the trailer. Eduardo Moscovis, às Claúdio Antunes Brandão, is Janet’s husband. Elisa Volpatto, as Anita, will also star in the upcoming series. Other cast includes Antônio Grassi as Wilson Carvana, César Mello às Paulo, Rosa Piscioneri as Regina, and more. 

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Plot: Good Morning, Veronica/ Bom Dia, Veronica

Veronica, a dedicated police officer, gets an unknown call around midnight. The woman is desperately asking for help; however, she suicides the next day. Veronica will solve the mystery of why did women commit suicide. The clues connect to another issue wherein someone abused a woman. Janete is the serial killer who looks like an everyday woman but has committed crimes. 

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The film will also clear if her husband is involved with her vicious acts because we see him loading some boxes and framing some photos of dead women. Did the victim suicide because someone was just pulled from upward, making it look like a suicide? There are also a few pictures of women suffering or evil on the walls.

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A Jesus Christ sign and the bible like it’s a part of some Mysterious acts. The guest cast might be the ones who saw the victim last. The teaser ends with Veronica waking up distressed. 

Teaser: Good Morning, Veronica/ Bom Dia, Veronica

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