“Get Organized with The Home Edit” featuring Clea Shearer and Joanna Stevens. 

What is your obsession with quarantine? Just three words, Sleeping for hours! You are probably sitting on a sofa, chair, or bed, reading my article on the upcoming Netflix series. If you like Tiny House, this is the best series you can opt for in September. The series is about two female home organizers who will make every messy thing look perfect. They keep the Labels, storage, and look in mind while reorganizing your preferred room, be it a school or your own house! Keep reading to know everything about the upcoming Netflix series. 

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Release Date: Get Organized with The Home Edit

The series is releasing on the 9th of September 2020. The team launched the trailer five days ago, and the fans have commented on their excitement about the show. One user wrote, “So they’re basically, Monica Geller,” and the other user wrote, “Reese freaking Witherspoon!!!” 

Cast: Get Organized with The Home Edits

Clea Shearer and Joanna Stevens Gaines are two home organizing experts. They have Clients from celebrities to everyday people asking for reorganizing the room. Yes, you heard it right! Reese Witherspoon will be one of the customers asking to reorganize her place.

Plot: Get Organized with The Home Edit   

Clea and Joanna are the official hosts who launched “The Home Edits.” They specialize in organizing every messy room in an eye-appealing environment. The rooms can be schools for children, the owner’s house, or anything you name it, and they manage it! Do you remember the tiny house? We saw that couples were moving from a big palace to one small place. Two men we’re hosting the show, now we will see a female point of view. 

The “Organizational Guru’s” will help the clients meet their needs to picture an excellent place to live. We saw a frustrated woman in the trailer because her kitchen used to be a working space with her mother. She feels that due to the mess created on the platform, the kitchen has lost its beauty. Hence Clea, Joanna, and her team will make it a real cooking space. When the hosts are narrating in the show, we also see that books’ alignment is like rainbow colors. That looked good; however, one of the bookish users commented, “If they arranged my books by color, I would punch them.” The only Motto of the organizers is to make the home look elegant. However, some book worms don’t feel the same. According to the author, some prefer keeping it, but we have people who set it with a rainbow theme, just like in the trailer. 

get organized with the home edit

Reese Witherspoon is also going to play a part as a customer. Here goes the good news! We will see Reese’s closet organization. A celebrity’s walking closet sounds so dreamy. Clea and Joanna also published a book named “The Home Edits” in 2019. Today, they reached the Netflix platform showcasing their ideas to millions of people, and the only way they build their name is through Social Media.  They are also an inspiration for creating their business on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Let us wait for the show to telecast on Netflix, till then Stay Saf, Stay Healthy. 

Trailer: Get Organized with The Home Edit

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