Wordle: Board Game to be launched in India

Wordle: Board Game, As far as history goes, we have found shreds of evidence of humans having some types of games to enjoy. And, as the times change, so does the form of the games we play these days. Some of us enjoy playing online games while others prefer physical card or board games. Recently, you might have seen a word game called Wordle taking over the landscape through the New York Times.


The game gained popularity almost overnight due to its ideology. Wordle only allows numbered guesses and can be played only once daily. As almost every age group can enjoy the game, Wordle successfully brought families and friends closer. Now, there are thousands of people across the globe who enjoy this game and feel proud to share their wins on Twitter.


Moreover, now we are super close to having a board version of Wordle in India. Hasbro recently announced bringing the Wordle Board Game to India and this article has all you need to know about its launch.

Wordle: Origin and Gameplay

The game was developed by a software developer named Josh Wardle from Brooklyn. He made Wordle for his partner who was fond of word games. However, Josh subsequently released the game for everyone to enjoy and gained popularity among the thousands of players. After a while, Josh transferred the rights of the game to the New York Times in February 2022. But he assured the players that Wordle will be free for use and they will never have to pay a dime to play the game.


The game can only be played once a day and you have only 6 six guesses to come up with a 5 letter word. And to come up with this word, you get a brain teaser. The players have to get the correct word with the least guesses and that is the main goal of the game. As the players fill up the blocks with letters, each tile becomes colored and indicates how correct or wrong the guess is.

The following  are three colors that the tiles indicate:

  • Green: This tile color comes up when you place the correct letter in the correct position.
  • Yellow: This color is for those tiles where you put up a letter that is in the word but positioned incorrectly.
  • Grey: The blank tiles are of grey color in the game.

Unlike other word games, you have got only a few guesses and one clue to get the correct answer so it’s worth it as you can later show off your score in your circle who play Wordle.

Wordle: Tricks and Tips

There are no shortcuts in life but one can succeed with smart work and the same goes for Wordle. The game has no other hints than the brain teaser we get to guess the word. Also, we only have 6 guesses to get to the correct 5-letter word.


Every player has a different approach towards the game and they often develop an exclusive technique to solve the riddle. However, the experts share a few tricks that we can stick to as a player to win the game with fewer guesses. It goes like this, one should first try to fill the tiles with commonly used vowels and consonants like “O”, “I”, ”E”, “S”, “R”, and “A”. This will help you narrow down your options and save your guesses.


Next, try not to repeat letters very soon, it will only waste your chances. Only after you are done with guessing words with distinct alphabets repeat the alphabets you already guessed. Lastly, keep any recurring pattern in mind like the phonetics of the words from the previous Wordle games. You can try the endings like “-ch”, “-ish”, and so on to cut to the chase. All these tips and tricks might help you finish Wordle Today a bit faster than you usually do, so give it a go.

Wordle: Board game in India

Recently, Wordle Today has been in talks to have a physical board game in India for the players. Hasbro got into a collaboration with the New York Times Games to launch a board game in India. The board game will be available on the e-commerce site and store outlets of Hasbro across the nation and will bring in players who have an affinity for the online version of Wordle.


And, according to the country manager of Hasbro, Lalit Parmar, they are quite excited to introduce Wordle: The Party Game through Hasbro. As it is already one of the fans’ favorites, the never-before board version of the game will definitely get a warm welcome from the fans.


Moreover, the head of games of the NYT, Jonathan Knight also expressed his excitement for this partnership and how much they are looking forward to Wordle’s launch in India.

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