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PS5 showcase event set to happen this month! Here’s our expectations

After months of wait we finally have some official news about the PS5. Sony has just announced that the PS5 showcase event will take place on September 17, at 1:30pm IST. Reportedly, the event will be around 40 minutes long. The new announcement comes after the Xbox Showcase event revealed new details about the next-gen consoles. Similar to its counterpart, we expect the PS5 event to explain much about the much anticipated console. So without further ado, here is what we are expecting from the show.


The major announcement will, of course, be about the console. Now that Xbox has fully revealed their consoles’ price and availability details, we expect Playstation to do the same. Microsoft went all guns blazing at their event and unveiled their new consoles at a considerably low price. The Xbox Series S console especially stole the show. Thus Sony has reportedly changed PS5’s price tag to keep in line with Xbox’s price. Furthermore, rumours suggest that the Playstation 5 digital edition will also go for a price range of around $399.

At the moment, it is widely believed that Sony’s new console will release after Xbox does. Moreover, many of PS5’s launch titles have a release date during the holiday season. Therefore we assume that PS5 will release before Christmas, around a month after the launch of next-gen Xbox consoles. There is also the chance of Sony revealing the pre-order details at the event. We also expect to have some details about Sony’s flagship console’s specifications.


As for the games, we believe that Sony will reveal more information about its launch titles. Plus, the company might show many of the upcoming games’ gameplay videos. Also, fans will get new details about the launch titles, as well as games that are scheduled to release later.

At the PS5 event in June this year, Sony featured many of the games that were set to arrive on the console. However, we think that the company still has some hidden cards to play. For quite a while, strong rumours regarding a new Silent Hill game have been making the rounds. Supposedly, it is a secret collaboration between Konami and Sony. Though we do not have any concrete evidence on this, it does seem a highly probable prospect. Hence, we are keeping our fingers crossed to get such a surprising reveal at the event.

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