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Naughty Dog announces new board game, free PS4 themes and more for The Last of Us Day

Naughty Dogs, the developers of the acclaimed zombie horror game series The Last of Us have unveiled the plans for the Last of Us Day. The much-awaited program is scheduled to happen today, on 26 September. Before it, however, the studio gave fans a preview of what to expect.

As part of the preview, Naughty Dogs officially announced a The Last of US board game. It is already in development and CMON is in charge of it. CMON previously developed board games for Bloodborne and God Of War, and they stated that they were excited to make the first The Last of Us tabletop game.

The developers further confirmed that a The Last of Us themed PS4 background will also be offered as a free download. Also, starting today, the remastered edition of TLOU and The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC will also be on a 50% sale in the Playstation store. Besides, today’s event will also see the release of a special 2xLP vinyl of The Last of Us 2 soundtrack. Along with it, two Last of Us 2 inspired posters will also be released. Naughty Dog has also revealed that two new figures of Joel and Ellie will be available for pre-order as collectables. The studio has more in store which they will announce at the event.

If you are unaware, the event is a celebration of the award-winning video game, The Last of Us. The program, previously known as ‘Outbreak day’, marks the date when the zombie infection reached a critical point in the game. Plus, it is also Joel’s, the first game’s protagonist, birthday. So, since 2013, Naughty Dog has consistently celebrated it in recognition of the fandom and everyone who worked on it.

Naughty Dog recently came into news for changing the name of the Outbreak Day event. The studio decided by considering the current circumstances. They felt that keeping the previous title during a time of actual pandemic would be inappropriate and insensitive. Thus, from now on, the celebration will be referred to as ‘The Last of Us Day’.