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Mythological RPG Hades has sold more than a million copies

Hades, the latest roguelike RPG from Supergiant Games has become a surprising hit of the year. According to the developer, the game has sold more than a million copies. The game was at the early access stage even a few days ago and was only available on PC. The game got a full official release on the 17th of this month. It is now available on PC as well as Nintendo Switch. Since its official release this month, the game has sold around 300,000 copies. For a game like Hades, the number is enormous and unprecedented.


However, considering the immense critical acclaim Hades has received, the number is hardly a surprise. The game has received tremendous praise for exciting story and gameplay. Furthermore, the developer collected plaudits for the characters as well. Many critics have applauded it for bringing a new breath of life into the dungeon genre of gaming.

Hades: Story and gameplay

Hades is a roguelike action-adventure RPG. The game has roots in Greek mythology. It primarily revolves around Zagreus, the protagonist. He is also the son of Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. However, Zagreus is not happy in his father’s realm. Therefore, he plans to escape the underworld and reach Mount Olympus. The other Greek gods are also sympathetic to his cause and aid him in his journey. Plus, other residents of the titular realm also help him to escape.

To fulfil his mission of escaping Hades, the player has to guide Zagreus through rooms full of enemies. Players can use Zagreus’ primary weapon, spells or special attacks to clear out the rooms. Upon successful attempts, the game lets the player advance further, and also rewards them. At the beginning of a run, an Olympian god will grant the player a gift. The gifts are themed after the god that gives it. Plus, the skills remain active through the course of a run. Zagreus can take multiple hits from opponents. However, if his health bar drops to Zero, he is confronted by Hades and loses all his progress. The game is played from an isometric point-of-view, thus bringing a 3D aspect to the game experience.

Hades: Trailer

Watch the trailer here.

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