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Frictional Games returns with a new Amnesia game! Here’s everything we know

After a decade of the original Amnesia game’s release, Frictional Games is back with its direct sequel titled Amnesia Rebirth. The Amnesia series is particularly renowned for bringing a spark of life back into the horror gaming genre. Amnesia: The Dark Descent managed to put many gamers to sleepless nights. The 2010 game already has a sequel named Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. It was never meant as a direct sequel to the original game, and it couldn’t match up to the same heights either. However, the developer aims to put the fear back into gamers’ hearts with the upcoming release.

Amnesia Rebirth: ‘Release date.’

We can now affirm that the game will launch around Halloween season, on 20 October. Upon release, the game will be available on PC and PS4. It is unclear whether the game will release on Xbox One, any other current-gen or next-gen consoles. Amnesia Rebirth is now open for pre-orders on Steam, GOG, Playstation Store, and Epic Games Store.

Amnesia Rebirth: Gameplay

At its core, Amnesia Rebirth uses the same gameplay mechanics from the first game. However, that is not all, as the upcoming game implements some new mechanics as well. For example, the player character seems to have a compass-like machine that guides her. Like its predecessor, Amnesia Rebirth also has creatures that chase the protagonist. Players will have to learn to use resources to protect the main character from physical and mental harm.

Gamers should expect a wholly different experience from Amnesia Rebirth. The developer has revealed that their other game, Soma, inspired them to make this one. Therefore, Amnesia Rebirth will provide a more slow-burn horror experience that focuses not just on scaring but also terrifying the player. Furthermore, the fear factor will increase as the game progresses. So, be prepared for more than just a jump scare-fest, but a proper horrifying experience.

Amnesia Rebirth: Story

The new Amnesia game’s story is set 100 years after the original game. Amnesia Rebirth is set in Algeria and follows Tasi Trianon. She wakes up amid a desert and does not remember anything. The game revolves around Tasi, trying to regain her memories and figure out how to survive and get out of the desert. However, she is not alone.

Amnesia Rebirth: Trailer

Frictional Games just dropped a brand new trailer; give it a watch here.