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Final Fantasy XVI announced! All we know so far

After over a four-year-long wait, Final Fantasy is back with another instalment. Square Enix announced the latest entry to the iconic franchise during Sony’s PS5 Showcase event. The game publisher released a reveal trailer. From the looks of it, Final Fantasy XVI is set to be a completely new experience for gamers.

Final Fantasy XVI: Release date & availability

Despite the reveal, Square Enix has not given us a release date yet. The game’s producer has recently confirmed that the next big reveal would be in 2021. Therefore, we don’t expect to have a date anytime soon. Right now, we assume Final Fantasy XVI will launch in 2021 or even 2022, depending on the development process.

Regarding the availability, there are some confusions. The reveal trailer confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI would be a Playstation exclusive, and it would also have a PC launch. Later, a Square Enix spokesperson stated that they do not have information about whether the game would release on other platforms. The confusion was further enhanced when industry insider Piers Harding-Rolls made some claims about the game. According to him, Final Fantasy XVI will remain a PS5 exclusive for six months after launch. After that, the game will be available on PC. As for other platforms, he claimed that Xbox and different versions would come out a year after the initial release. However, he also suggested that an official confirmation on this is missing at the moment.

Final Fantasy XVI: Gameplay

Gamers who are already familiar with the series will know that Final Fantasy is an action-adventure RPG. The latest addition to the franchise will also continue the tradition. The upcoming game also features a rich open-world, a job system and customizable characters, keeping in line with the RPG elements. From what we have seen till now, the video game’s combat looks to have undergone a massive overhaul. Now, it seems to have influences from the Dark Souls game.

Final Fantasy XVI: Story

Currently, we do not have much information on the game’s story. However, the trailer suggests that Final Fantasy XVI revolves around a prince named Joshua and his bodyguard. Moreover, it is also apparent that the new iteration is set in a medieval world, and is thoroughly steeped in the fantasy genre that includes mystical beings.

Final Fantasy XVI: Trailer

Watch the latest trailer here.

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