EA UFC 4 is an improvement from its predecessor, but still requires work

EA has got to address these concerns

EA UFC 4 is the latest instalment in EA Sports’ UFC game series. As the title suggests, it is the fourth entry to the franchise. Also, it succeeds the 2018 game, EA UFC 3. The developers released the video game on 14 August 2020. And it’s available to play on PS4 and Xbox One.

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EA UFC 4: Gameplay issues

There is no doubt among gamers that the game is an improvement from its previous iteration. However, many critics and fans have reported troubles with the fighting game. Apart from the game-breaking glitches and bugs, UFC 4 has a lot of problems that EA needs to resolve.

 During its promotion, the developers claimed that they had refined the in-game grappling system. And we agree, but it’s not without its share of issues. Since grappling attacks have become a timed mechanic now, performing an attack or countering one became difficult. There are times when the game does not indicate as to whether the player is in a submission move. Also, stopping takedowns have become harder than ever. Gamers can solve the above problem by getting better at the game. However, not everyone will accept that fix.

 The stamina system also needs a significant overhaul. Right now, performing takedown moves don’t cost much stamina. Thus, it allows one to spam takedowns after takedowns. Furthermore, the game doesn’t penalize a failed takedown move. However, for realism’s sake, unsuccessful takedowns should be more costly for the fighters. Therefore, the game has to consider the fighters’ stamina and morale drain.

 Further, about the stamina mechanics, overhead punches don’t cost much stamina. It allows MMA artists to punch overhead with insignificant consequences rapidly. Despite the developers’ actions to reduce spamming buttons, this mechanic provides spam without any penalty.

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In regards to the fighters, the game needs to be more accurate with the attributes. Some attributes in the game do not make any sense. Therefore, if EA intends to make the game as close to reality as possible, they need to be cautious with the ratings.

EA UFC 4 is still a recent game and has a lot of time to evolve. It’s superior to previous games in the series. If EA patches up these issues, it’ll be an even more enjoyable experience.

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