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Amazon showcases a new cloud gaming platform called Luna

Cloud gaming is starting to become one of the hottest prospects in the gaming community. After Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud platform, Amazon has now joined the scene. The industry giants recently announced its cloud gaming platform named Luna.

In case you don’t know how cloud gaming works, it allows gamers to play games on their devices without having to install them. Furthermore, cloud gaming platforms use servers that act as powerful computers; so users no longer need to worry about hardware limitations. In essence, it works as Netflix does with video streaming.

Amazon has further confirmed that its Web Services servers power luna. As it is already known for hosting several multiplayer games, Amazon promises a seamless game streaming experience. According to the company, the minimum bandwidth needed is 10mbps. However, to stream games at 4K, 35mbps network connection is suggested. Also, game streaming extensively uses data, so the user needs to have an excellent data plan.

Amazon is yet to declare the launch date of the streaming service. However, they claimed that it would enter early access soon. Upon launch, Luna will be available on PC, Mac, Fire TV devices. iPhone and iPad users will also be able to use the service via the web app. At the moment, Amazon has stated Luna will only be available in the United States mainland.

Luna offers a different subscription model in comparison to Google’s Stadia. Currently, Amazon has provided an introductory price of $5.99/month, though we assume they will increase it soon. The basic subscription plan allows 1080p gaming experience at 60fps. Moreover, up to two devices can stream games simultaneously. Luna features a channel subscription model; meaning that, apart from the basic plan, users can pay to subscribe to individual channels that offer games. Ubisoft has recently partnered with Amazon to bring their latest titles on Luna. Thus, apart from Luna+, the other game channel on offer is Ubisoft’s.

Amazon has already confirmed over a hundred titles that will be on offer as Luna launches. Among them are Resident Evil 7, Grid, Abzu, Metro Exodus etc. Additionally, as per the agreement with Ubisoft, Luna will also have Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6, Watch Dogs: Legion as launch titles.

Users can play on Luna using Keyboard-mouse, or any connected bluetooth controller. However, to enhance the experience, Amazon has also announced the brand new Luna controller. It reduces input latency by connecting to the cloud directly. Customers, however, will have to buy it separately at $49.99 during early access.

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