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2k Games “Borderlands 3” Released: Is “Lilith” Alive? Sold more than initial copies!

Borderlands 3: Borderland is famous gameplay about “vault hunters” who save the “Pandora city” from the villain they call “Destroyer”. It is a popular game available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, windows, Play station 4, and more! The first gameplay sold almost 4.5 billion copies across the world! it has also received awards for best gameplay stick with me to know the Borderland 3’s plot, release date, characters, and gameplay! 

Release date of Borderland 3:

The game was set to release on 13th September 2019, but as the gameplay required more time to release with its new update, therefore Borderland 3 was released on 25th June 2020. 

Characters of Borderland 3:

The game starts with 4 new vault hunters named Amara, Moze, Zane, and FL4K. Amara has the power of Astral Projection which will kill anyone who comes in her way, Moses has the power of producing electric show energy to kill the enemy, Zane has the skill of tossing grenades, and lastly, FL4K can shot 3 times while invisible! 

The Plot of Borderland 3:

The plot will start with the new vault hunters killing the new evil twins named Troy and Tyreen Calypso. The one who gives instructions and leads to the Vault is known as the “Guardian Angel” in the game. Two old characters named Lilith and Roland who appeared in part one will be killed in the upcoming season. But there are still theories about Lilith being alive in the upcoming season in the credit scene. The Map which was found by Lilith is the main lead in the borderlands 3 as the new vault hunters are looking for the key and rescue Lilith and Roland. The evil twins also capture the power misleading the Vault hunters and take away the powers of “The destroyer” who is known as the most powerful in borelander gameplay. 

The Storyline of Borderland series:

The plot started with 4 vault hunters named Lilith, Roland, Brick, and Mordecai. Also, the guardian angel was introduced from the first gameplay. The villain traps these new vault hunters and in the next season is rescued by the other 6 vault hunters who were coordinated by the “Guardian angel” to help the first parts character’s. However, in the second part, we have a villain named “Handsome Jack”. He is killed with the destroyer which we saw in part one of Borelanders. Lilith discovers a map full of Vaults and she says, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked”! Which explains the release of part 3.

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