Freaks – You’re One of Us: Release Date, Cast and Plot. 

The German film is about Wendy, a mother who works in a food outlet wherein she is tired of working with the same designation. One day she is gifted with a superpower, which makes her wanna get back to a healthy life. Woosh! Just like that, Wendy gets superpowers. However, as Spiderman said, “With Great Powers comes great Responsibility.” Wendy cannot control her superpowers. The film is idealistic to people who love superhero films like the umbrella academy.  

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Release Date: Freaks – You’re One of Us

The film is releasing on 2nd September 2020. The trailer launch was on the 12th of August 2020 by the official Netflix Website. The users have commented like “I need to invest in some Netflix Stock. They keep winning. Every month,” “Umbrella academy: so is this the sparrow academy” and so on. 

Cast: Freaks – You’re One of Us

Cornelia Gröschel as Wendy will be playing as a female lead. The story will focus on her and characters with the same resemblance. Like Wotan Wilke Möhring as Marek, and Tim Oliver Schultz as Elmar. Other casts include Finnlay Berger, Thelma Buabeng, Gisa Flake, Nina Kunzendorf, Ralph Herforth, and Frederic Lindemann.

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Plot: Freaks – You’re One of Us

The film is about Wendy, a mother who works in a junk food outlet. One day she develops superpowers of pushing a whole person farther than a normal human being. However, when the person gets interrogated in regards to his accident. He claims the policeman that Wendy had superpowers. But the police laugh it off with disbelief. 

Wendy uses her superpowers in her workplace and typical days. A few people notice her activities who turn out to be just like her. To be specific, a total stranger Marek confronts her about her superpowers and claims that “She is one of them.” That makes Wendy’s mind turn blank, having no idea what he just said. Unless one day she gets hit by her superpowers.  Also, a co-worker named Elmar has the same superpowers. He has the power of lighting electric shock with his hands. He gives an example of a lighting bulb

She joins the club wherein people have superpowers. But we see her ending up in a hospital calling herself a ‘Freak’. The investigating officer decides to make a team of these superheroes save people from bad situations. Hence the Freaks will now save the world and make it a better place. 

We will see Wendy stumble and fall being unknown to her powers. Confronting about it to her son that she is scared too like him. But stand back on her feet by controlling her powers for proper use. Let’s see if the Freaks freak out the audience! 

Trailer: Freaks – You’re One of Us

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