For All Mankind Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and Trailer

What if the Space Run never ended?

Where are my geeky readers? What are your thoughts on science- fiction? Sci-fi is considered to be one of the most amusing genres of all time. Apple TV+ is set to stream the second installment of the American television series, For All Mankind. The creation of the series is done by a trio consisting of Matt Wolpert, Ronald D. Moore, and Ben Nedivi. Jeff Russo provided the composition for the series. The first season had a total of ten episodes and the upcoming season will follow the suit. The first season concluded on 20 December 2019, but the story continues. Let us find out more about the upcoming season of For All Mankind.


Release Date: For All Mankind Season 2

For All Mankind got renewal for the second season from Apple TV+ before the first season ended, in October 2019. We will get a weekly broadcast of one episode at a time from 19 February 2021 to 23 April 2021. A piece of good news for fans of For All Mankind, the series is already renewed for a third installment. So, put your hands together and get yourself prepared for a space tour this February.

Cast: For All Mankind Season 2

The upcoming cast for the new season includes several of the previous leads with three new faces. The character of Edward Baldwin is respired by Joel Kinnaman. Shantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones, Sonya Walger, Wrenn Schmidt, and Michael Dorman will be playing their respective roles as Karen Baldwin, Tracy Stevens, Molly Cobb, Margo Maddison, and Gordo Steven. The three new faces joining these leads will be Cynthy Wu aka Kelly Baldwin, Casey W.Johnson aka Danny Steven, Coral Pena aka Aleida Rosales.


Plot: For All Mankind Season 2

We are aware of the fact that NASA was the first to land on the moon and ended the space race. The series is set in a hypothetical timeline where Russia is the first to reach the moon. We experience the events following this where the space race is still on. Will, the rocket resembling a sea dragon ever got lunching orders? Was the mission fails or successful? Is NASA still competing against the odds? For all these answers we need to wait for a few more days. Well, 18 days in a precise manner.


Storyline: For All Mankind Season2

When Russia became the first one to and on the moon, NASA felt nothing but devastation. In the urgency to catch up with them, NASA launched Apollo-11, which crash-landed on the moon. Luckily, the cosmonauts survived and re-established the communication. But the story doesn’t end here, we see a lot of political struggles. When on one hand Russia includes more women in its projects, NASA is eager to recruit the women force for upcoming projects as well.

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Trailer: The good old days are gone

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