Find Me in Paris: Release date, Cast, Plot and Storyline

“Find Me in Paris” is a Hollywood teen Comedy-drama created by Jill Girling and Lori Mather. As of now two seasons were launched with a total of 52 episodes. The series originated in the countries Germany and France in the English language. “Find Me in Paris” had its initial launch on April 14, 2018, following its second release on August 16, 2019, with 26 episodes each on Hulu produced by Cottonwood Media and ZDF. The series filmed in the Paris city in areas like- Palais Garnier and Opera National de Paris. “Find Me in Paris” web series can be watched in more than 130 countries. Soon after the launch of season 2, “Find Me in Paris” is renewed for a third season in the same year. 

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Find Me in Paris Release Date

It is one of those websites which instantly get renewed for the next seasons with a huge fan base. Season 3 is all set to premiere on August 21, 2020, on Hulu. 


The main cast of the film will return to season 3 as well.

  • Jessica Lord, an English actress and a dancer, plays Lena Grisky who competes with her friends to become the best dancer.
  • Eubha Akilade, a Scottish actress and a dancer, plays Ines Lebreton.
  • Rory J. Saper as Max Alvarez.
  • Castle Rock as Jeff chase.
  • Hannah Dodd as Thea Rapel.
  • Christy O’Donnell as Henri Duquet.
  • Terique Jarrett as Isaac.
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The plot of “Find Me in Paris” is super exciting, which can easily appeal to the audience. Two seasons of the series launched successfully and has gained a vast fanbase. The story is all about the teen Lena Grisky, a Russian princess who gets stuck in the wrong century with an enchanting necklace gifted by her boyfriend, Henri. She goes to Paris Opera dance school, the world’s best dance school, to learn ballet and to fulfil her dream as a successful dancer. Lena is actually from 1905 who travels to the 21st century, unfortunately. In the 21st century, she meets a guy named “Max”, and she desperately falls in love with him. 

Season 3 is all about Lena’s dilemma to get back to her past, or happily stay with Max in the future. 1000Henri tries all ways to get Lena back to his world, reports state that they keep writing letters and try to get back.


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