Sex Education Season 3: Maeve and Otis’s relationship complicated than ever! Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more! 

Sex Education Season 3: Sex education is a series based on 16 years young teenagers who explore their sexual desires in school. Learn about their gender, love, erections, and more! The audience is thrilled that the community can finally talk about sex with an open mind. 

Release date 

Sex education season 1 was released on 11 January 2019 and season 2 was released on 17 January 2020. They have a consistency of releasing with a gap of one year and in the month of January. But due to the Covid-19 Padamic situation, it is expected that season 3 might release in late 2021 or 2022. Official news regarding dates or trailers is not mentioned on Netflix. 

The storyline of Sex Education series

As Otis’s mom is a sex psychologist, he learns few tips and runs his clinic in school giving their advice to people with sex-related issues in partnership with Maeve. They solve the relationship issues but yet couldn’t solve their own. Yes you are right Maeve and Otis are in love with each other but they cannot express it to each other. 


Since the series ended on a good note, as the characters weren’t harmed or bruised it is expected that the original cast is most likely to return in season 3. Otis played by “Asa Butterfield” and Maeve played by “Emma Mackey” will return to season 3 as there’s more of romance between the two which we haven’t seen yet. 

The Plot of Sex Education Season 3 

The Plot of Sex Education Season 3
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The second season was a Ferris wheel with confused feelings and a love triangle between relationships. Otis couldn’t decide between Ola and Maeve, and Eric couldn’t decide between Adam and Rahim. Later, in the end Eric decides to be with Adam. As Adam does a big gesture in front of everyone claiming that he is in love with Eric with Rahim standing beside Eric and staring at Eric in the eye. 


Maeve manages to make amends with her mother Erin who abandoned her for her boyfriend. But later knocked her daughters door being bruised by her boyfriend as he did not know about her daughters. He banished  Erin from his life. Talk about complicated relationships? I know!


Jean makes a stunt in school talking about sex education embarrassing herself and Otis. Jean’s ex-husband comes back in life and tries to make amends but fails to communicate. Later jean finds out from Lily the current wife of her ex-husband that he just came back because he was knocked out by Lily. 


Ola, on the other hand, finds herself having sexual desires for Otis bus averts her way in the dream and turns to kiss Lily. She breaks up with Otis and kisses Lily who Kissed her back but shut the doors on Ola’s face after the kiss. 


What we can expect from next season? The fans can expect a  sizzling relationship of Maeve and Otis, and Eric and Adam. The clinic continues and we will learn more from the series than any other sex education PPT can provide. The series also thought us that “Sex is not the whole story”  said Jean’s character claiming to help someone who doesn’t have sexual desires about her partner. This series also talks about the vulnerability of a person being ashamed of his face while having sex with her partner. Let us see what we will learn from season 3

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