Netflix announced the sequel for “The Kissing Booth 2” movie

“The Kissing Booth 2” movie, On February 14, 2019, Netflix released a little promo of the upcoming movie “The Kissing Booth 2” sequel of The Kissing Booth. The Kissing Booth 2018 was a romantic comedy movie released on May 11, 2018, distributed by Netflix.

It’s Directed by Vince Marcello and Produced by Ed Glauser, Andrew Cole-Bulgin, Vince Marcello and Michelle Weisler. The Kissing Booth movie based on Wattpad story, written by author Beth Reekles in 2011 and it’s won a Watty Award for “Most Popular Teen Fiction” in Wattpad annual writing contest. It’s published by Penguin Random House.

The Kissing Booth music is given by Patrick Kirst and edited by Paul Millspaugh. It’s made in Production house Komixx Entertainment. It stars Joey king as Elle Evans, Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn, Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn and Molly Elordi as Mrs. Flynn. The film shot in some places of Los Angeles, California, Cape Town(South Africa) and in the University of Cape Town(UCT).

The movie plot starts with two best friends Elle Evans(Joey King) and Lee Flynn(Joel Courtney) with Noah Flynn(Jacob Elordi) Lee’s older brother. In school there’s a lot of encounter between Elle and Noah, Noah even told other guys not to date Elle.

In school carnival, Elle and Lee create a Kissing Booth and it’s a success. Elle set up to kiss a nerdy guy with blindfold but Noah interferes causing Elle to kiss him. After cleaning up, Elle found Noah flirting with another girl and she ran away. While on her way to home Noah offers her a ride on a motorcycle as its raining but the rain started getting heaving, made them stop and sheltered at the bandstand in the park.

Elle kiss Noah again but Noah refuses and later she kissed him again and he gave up. Noah tells her that he likes her. The next day in school party, Elle get harassed by Warren and Noah requests her to get sit in his car and takes her to the Hollywood sign where they confess about liking each other and end up having sex.

The Kissing Booth 2″ movie tailer

Both start seeing each other but don’t tell anyone even Lee. Noah reveals Elle of going to Harvard next year which make her sad. Lee asked her about being sad but she told nothing which him suspicious. Lee one day found Elle and Noah kissing and leaves, Elle tells Noah to leave her alone.

Lee starts giving Elle silent treatment and Noah being missing. On prom, Noah asks her what she decided but Elle doesn’t answer him. Next day at the birthday party, Elle missed Noah and decide to leave but Lee stops her and takes her to the airport to find Noah.

On their way, she starts telling him how she feels about Noah but later finds out it’s not Lee but Noah in Lee’s costume. Elle and Noah start spending time together before leaving for college and when he leaves, Elle thinks if they will be together in future or not but her heart always belongs to Noah. Elle states in the end that everything happened story with the Kissing Booth.

On review, the movie holds the approval rating of 13% by Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 3.7/10. The Kissing Booth movie was one of the most watched movies in the country and maybe in the world told by CCO Ted Sarandos.

We hope “The Kissing Booth 2” movie be as good as The Kissing Booth or even get more popularity than the first.

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