“Insatiable Season 3” Cancelled: The show is regarded as “Fat-shaming” for the audience!

Insatiable is a crazy messed up show of a teenager named Patty, who is arrested to hit someone on the streets. She becomes thin with her time in Jail and looks stunning! The show is based on her journey to win the beauty Pagent. The craze increases so far that she kills whoever makes fun of her body. A very extreme show and full of curiosity! 

insatiable season 2 trailer

Cast: Insatiable Series 

  • Dallas Roberts as “Bob Armstrong”
  • Debby Ryan as “Patty Bladell”
  • Christopher Gorham as “Bob Barnard”
  • Sarah Colonna as “Angie”, Patty’s Mother.
  • Erinn Westbrook as “Magnolia”, Bob Barnard’s Daughter
  • Michael Provost as “Brick” and other supporting casts.

Storyline: Insatiable series

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The series is based on a girl who weighs like 10 and downs back to 0 figure. Her name is Patty, she has excessive food eating disorder when she stresses. She is homicidal, she is messy, and killed 2 people in the series. Bob Armstrong is her trainer who was last seen charged for the murder of a contestant in Beauty Pagent

In the end, Patty wins the beauty pageant with her inspiring speech and when she visits Bob Armstrong in Jail she confesses that “Nothing tastes better than killing someone”. The next season was going to be about her journey and thirst for blood to actually kill someone. Bob Armstrong panics and was supposed to be screening for the next part. He was going to stop Patty from killing someone again. 

Insatiable Season 3: Cancelled 


The series was going to be canceled after the first season wherein millions of people signed to the cancellation of the show for fat-shaming women and it’s against the law. But since many people voted for the curiosity of how she becomes the pageant queen Netflix kept another season which was Season 2 wherein she becomes the pageant queen. 

But as the curiosity was over, the demand was down, and the petition raised again with the same things, and hence Netflix had to cancel the show! The show displayed an eating disorder and how fat people crave food. That was very brutal and unconvincing for viewers. It also had questions like not every fat person acts like Patty. Bad news fans, we won’t be seeing what happens next!

Patty’s Speech: Insatiable Season 2

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