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“Euphoria Season 2”: Is “Rue” alive in the upcoming season?

Euphoria is not just any other teen series as it consists of a teen show with teens dealing with drug issues, relationship issues, family issues, and more! The show is not a must-watch for anyone who doesnt like disturbing things. It is somewhat like “13 Reasons Why” as it has the same concept of what a teenager deals with but different concepts, Euphoria deals with drug addicts who are trying to live their life! 

Release Date of Euphoria Season 2

The release date is not mentioned yet but Zendaya confirmed about the upcoming season 2. The show will release in 2020 but due to the pandemic, we are not sure about the release date.

The Cast of Euphoria Season 2

The original cast will return to the show. Some characters might change as the story is very bold than any other teen story.

  • “Zendaya” aka Rue Bennett, she was seen in “Spiderman: Homecoming” and she is coming up with a new movie named “Dune” 
  • “Hunter Schafer” aka Jules Vaughn
  • “Jacob Elordi” aka Nate Jacobs, you must know him from the “Kissing booth Movie” he is also coming up with sequel which is  Kissing booth 2! 

We cannot guarantee the other characters as the trailer is not out yet! 

The Plot of Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria is based on a drug addict named Rue who is a transgender in love with Jules. In season one we saw her leaving Jules because she wants to make amends with her family. She started taking drugs because she cannot take the death of her father. 

She comes back clean being sober and joins a high school that’s where things get messier. A highschool which shows how social media can spoil a person, kids falling in love with the wrong person and more! We also see different characters as the show isn’t focused on one person in the whole series. We see Rue being the narrator of the show explaining every character through her perspective. In the end, Rue relapses and there are doubts about her being alive or not! 

The series is based on the true story of the filmmaker, “Sam Levinson” and the son of director Barry Levinson. The visuals of the show are very different and you might not survive to watch it till the end as it explores nudity in the show. So it is not suggested for teens who aren’t likely to nudity and sex. In short a very bold show for teens.

The trailer of Euphoria Season 2

The trailer is not out yet, but you can watch the season 1 trailer of Euphoria.

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