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5 Best Documentaries on Netflix

The amount of documentaries on Netflix is seen to be increasing day by day. From classic series to original series Netflix has enough content to keep you motivated for months. Though, finding the best documentary on Netflix can be quite difficult at times due to its interface.

To help you out we have made a list of 5 best Netflix documentaries currently available. This list will take you through the journey of some amazing people which will help you in staying motivated.

5 Best Documentaries on Netflix

  1. Casting Jon Benet


Casting Jon Benet comes in the top 5 best documentaries which tell us the story about the death of American child beauty Jon benet who was found choked in her house when she was 6 years old.  This documentary is made putting a lot of thoughts. It is a classic documentary.

  1. Strong island


The strong island is a documentary about the racial injustices of the united states of America. The documentary is about the filmmaker’s 24-year-old brother who had been killed by a white mechanic. The white jury accepted the self-defense claim raising a lot of questions on the system of justice.


The documentary leads to an ultimate emotional journey so if you are the analytical kind this is not the documentary for you.

  1. Making a murderer

This is one of the best documentaries about a man called Steven Avery who served 18 years of his life in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. It is one of the truest documentaries made which covers the life of the man very comprehensively. The documentary shows how his defense team argues in the court that he has been framed by the Manitowoc police department and shows evidence in the court. It is a well-made documentary that is worth the watch.

  1. The keepers

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The keeper is a documentary that showcases the mystery of a beloved nun Cathy Cesnik, who went missing on Nov 7, 1969, and was found dead two months later. She was a catholic high school teacher who was loved by all. The mystery of her murder and who killed her is not known to anyone. The documentary is very heart-touching and shocking.

  1. Amy

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This is an Oscar-winning documentary that takes you to the life of one of the most famous singers Amy Winehouse. In this documentary, her friends and family talk about how the singer’s life took a turn and went out of control in the name of addiction. It is a very emotional depiction that will truly touch your heart.

If you are a documentary lover and are looking to get inspired and learn from the actual stories of people, then these 5 are the best documentaries that are going to surely take you to a very roller coaster journey and touch your heart as you learn all the ups and downs faced by them. I hope these documentaries would be of your help and motivate you.

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