After We Collided: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Storyline.

A New Character coming up to create a Love Triangle!

What happens when love becomes an obsession? Will it be happily ever after or happily never after? Maybe “After We Collided” film will solve your doubt! Yes, you heard me right Netflix’s ‘After’ movie is coming up with a Sequel! Guess many are betting for Hardin and Tessa to be together, but Spoiler Alert Dylan Sprouse will create a love triangle! Read to know Everything about the upcoming film.

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After We Collided: Release Date

The film is releasing on 1st December 2020 on Netflix.

After We Collided: Cast

The original cast Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford will return as Hardin and Tessa. But this time Dylan Sprouse will barge in between Tessa and Hardin as Trevor Matthews. Also, the favourite character from the How to Get Away with Murder Series, i.e. Charlie Weber is known as Frank in the series. He will play the role of Christian Vance. Rest the original cast like Dylan Arnold, Samuel Larsen, Inanna Sarkis and others will return to the franchise.

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After We Collided: Plot

It is the sequel to the first film if you haven’t watched read the storyline before heading into the plot. The next part will start with Tessa and Hardin facing relationship issues. Tessa realises that when she had her acquaintance with Hardin, she loses everything from her life, including family and friends. Tessa breaks up with Hardin, but Hardin as always our obsessive lover won’t give up.

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Tessa joins a new office where she crosses her bath with Trevor. Trevor is an office mate who exactly didn’t like Tessa at first, but we see as the film continues, Tessa makes a fantastic impression in front of Trevor. He skips a beat and says ‘WOW’ by just the way she shows up in a scene.

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Dylan Sprouse as the good boy will create a spoiler by making Tessa fall in love with him. But the things between Hardin and Tessa have been bumpy because Hardin didn’t exactly agree on letting Tessa go away. So Hardin our Badboy will get abusive with hitting Trevor with Jealousy. The obsession will get into Tessa’s nerve that in one of the trailer scene, Tessa ends up saying Hardin that “She isn’t his Tessa anymore!”.

Will our Obsessed lover scare the chances of a second love for Tessa? We also see a scene in the end that Tessa might have an accident! Is having no love better than having an obsessed lover? Or will Tessa go with her second love, Trevor? Who will you bet for this time? Tessa and Hardin or Tessa and Trevor?

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After We Collided: Storyline

In the first series, we see that Tessa meets her roommate’s friend Hardin. In the heat of the moment, Hardin tries to kiss Tessa, but she rejects him and leaves. However, the duo develops a relationship with Tessa falling in love with Hardin. However, Tessa finds out that Hardin made a bet with his friends that he will make Tessa fall in love with him and leave her when he breaks Tessa’s virginity. Hardin tries hard to explain Tessa that “Yes it was a gamble at first, but he started having real feelings for Tessa”. In the end, we see the couple reunite, but what will it stay forever? Find out in the upcoming film! Hardin Vs Trevor!

After We Collided: Trailer

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