Kalank plot is copied from the book ” What the body remembers?” : See full report!

It is being said on the internet that Karan Johar’s upcoming film Kalank’s plot is copied. According to reports, it is taken from the writer Shuana Singh Baldwin’s book ‘What the Body Remembers.’ Karan Johar’s father conceptualised this movie around 15 years ago. It was the last work of his father before his death. The book ‘What the Body Remembers’ released in 1999.

A Twitter user brought this to everyone’s notice with her tweet.


Kalank fans are trolling her for raising her voice. She said that she will never hesitate to do the right work.

According to Dharma productions, “ Kalank, a period film, set in pre-independent India, is a story about an elite family and many of its hidden truths that begin to unfold as communal tensions rise and partition nears. Caught in this situation are Dev, Satya, Roop, and Zafar, who find themselves in this battlefield of love.”

To everyone’s surprise the names Roop and Satya are same in book and movie. It can be seen from the trailer that Roop and Satya are married to the same man. Karan Johar hasn’t come up with the explanation of the same names.

Author of the book said that no one has purchased the rights to her book.

The writer didn’t take any action on producers because she hasn’t seen the movie.

Kalank Plot: What Varun Dhawan Says?

According to Varun Dhawan, the film’s premise is not similar to the book. At the event of Ishq 104.8 FM, He said that “I have not read that book, I have no knowledge about that. But I don’t think the premise is the same because our actual premise has not yet opened in the promos. Yes, there is a love story, but the film is a lot more than that. Once people watch it they can make up their mind about that. Karan had this story for a very long time which he wanted me to do. I don’t know about the character names, it could be a coincidence.



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