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Far Cry 6: Everything we know so far about Ubisoft’s next game

Far Cry is a Ubisoft’s game series that has been around since 2004. However, the release of Far Cry 3 in 2012 managed to catapult the franchise to fame. Since then, the game series has become one of Ubisoft’s most anticipated releases alongside Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. First announced in July 2020, the upcoming game is the sixth main entry to the Far Cry series.

Far Cry 6: Release date & availability

Ubisoft has already confirmed that Far Cry 6 will release on 18 February 2021. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, there is every possibility of the company delaying the launch.

Far Cry 6 will have both current-gen and next-gen versions. Therefore, it will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Stadia.

Far Cry 6: Gameplay

Thus far, we don’t have much information on the gameplay. However, Far Cry games have recently used the same gameplay mechanics. So we don’t expect much change in terms of it.

Far Cry 6 is an action-adventure open-world, first-person shooter video game. Players will have to use makeshift weapons, equipment and even vehicles to accomplish the missions. Apart from the main story, the game also contains numerous side stories. Furthermore, since it’s an open-world game, exploration is an integral part of the gameplay. Like the previous games, we assume Far Cry 6 will also allow players to hunt animals and gather plants to craft items.

Far Cry 6: Setting and story

The Far Cry series is mainly known for having tropical settings. Despite moving away from the tradition before, the franchise seems to return to its root in Far Cry 6. The game takes place in Yara, a fictional Caribbean nation. Yara is ruled by ‘El Presidente’ Anton Costillo, an absolute dictator. Under his dictatorship, the country has become and embroiled in violence.

Furthermore, the trailer shows that an uprising against him has already started. However, Anton refuses to bow to the populace and trains his son, Diego, to follow his footsteps. Meanwhile, Dani Rojas, a resistance soldier is the protagonist of the game.

In recent times, Far Cry games have received accolades for its brilliant evil antagonists. With Anton as the villain, Far Cry 6 doesn’t seem like an exception. Furthermore, there are rumours that the latest addition to the franchise is a prequel that narrates the backstory of Vaas, Far Cry 3’s antagonist.

Far Cry 6: Trailer

Check out the latest gameplay demo video here.

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