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Evil Eye, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as one of the producers of the film. 

A daughter-mother duo of unleashing a blast from the past! Doesn’t it sound interesting already? So the film is about a mother who is worried about her daughter’s new boyfriend. I mean, whose parents aren’t worried? But there’s something darker to the story. If you like mysteries and crime-related films, this is your pick for Octobers! 

Release Date: Evil Eye

The Evil Eye film is a part of the four movies of “Welcome to the Blumhouse”. All the four films aka Nocturne, The Lie and Black Box are releasing on 6th of October 2020. The team released a separate trailer for all the movies. 

Cast: Evil Eye

The Lady in water actress Sarita Chaudhary will star in the upcoming film. Omar Maskati from Unbelievable Netflix limited series, Sunita Mani from GLOW, and Bernard White from Silicon Valley will also play a part in Evil Eye. 

Priyanka Chopra is one of the Executive producers as it features an Indian family in the film. Jason Blum, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold and more are the other producers of the film. 

Plot: Evil Eye

There are three stories of the perspective of each character. 

The Mother: 

She feels that her daughter, Pallavi, is dating the same guy she dated in the past named ‘Sandeep’. Mother tries to give Pallavi a pendant to save her from every evil as she is a true devotee of God. However, the story can take a twist because the mother might have serious psychological issues with her past relationships. But it might also be the other way round wherein she will reveal Pallavi’s new boyfriend’s true identity. 

The Daughter: Pallavi 

Who is in a different city away from her mother starting a new life. One day Pallavi meets a random guy in a cafe asking her if they have met before? She responds if this is your best pick up line. The conversation deepens with the bond, and Sandeep(the guy) becomes her official boyfriend. The mother, on the other side, feels that her new boyfriend is the same Sandeep she dated in the past. Pallavi states that her mother has gone insane comparing her new boyfriend with her dilemma. 

The Boyfriend: Sandeep

He shares Pallavi about his past relationship. As the mother suspected Sandeep, he did have a dark past. His ex-girlfriend tried to kill herself. Maybe he is the same guy as Sandeep has the features which match her Mother Past. Everyone on the other side blames the mother for being insane, is she Insane? Or Sandeep is making her look insane? The masks will be uncovered in the upcoming month till then read the next three articles of “Welcome to the Blumhouse.” films. 

Trailer: Evil Eye