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Everything you must know about the upcoming Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama Season 2

All of the animes I recommended till now were action or thrill. Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama is a unique romantic plus comedy anime. The anime is well-praised for its close to the real-life story and equally for the dialogues. The first season consisted of 26 episodes directed by Hiroaki Sakurai as an adaption of Hiro Fujiwara’s manga with the same name. Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama has gained love from the audiences over ten years, but the second season is still in oblivion.

Release Date: Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama Season 2

Despite the immense popularity of the anime, there is no hope for the second season of Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama. J.C. Staff, the production house of the anime, does not seems likely to renew the anime. Fans are signing petitions of several kinds, so maybe it will get a revival. There had been cases of anime returning due to a high amount of petition signing. We hope that Kaichou doesn’t go like Death Note.

Characters: Kaichou Wu Maid- Sama Season 2

If there is the slightest possibility of the second season of Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama to air then we will have the same leads as the first season. Our class monitor, Misaki Ayuzawa always helps and encourages her classmates of Seika High School to do better in their studies. At the same time, she is somehow domineering. The perfectionist and cold-CEO type, Takumi Usui will help Misaki out of trouble. He is portrayed as a cold but caring personality, who has troubles of his own.

Plot: Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama Season 2

In the first season, we saw Takumi Usui being forcefully taken away by his family back to England. Fans are half-mad thinking about the tragic end of Misaki and Takumi’s love story. But, no need to be so upset over the temporary distance between our love birds. According to the manga, after 10 years of these events, they reunite and get married for good. As the anime is closely following manga’s plotline, season two of Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama will showcase this. (If it’s ever made.)

Storyline: Kaichou Wu Maid-Sama Season 2

The English translation of the name of this anime, The Class Monitor Is a Maid, you a gist of the story itself. The story revolves around the hate-love journey of Misaki and Takumi. Misaki is the first female president of her recently co-ed transformed school. Her classmates think of her as a male-hater eccentric, but in reality, she is something different. Misaki is secretly working in a restaurant as a waitress, aka, maid. Eventually, Takumi discovers her secret but never reveals it in the school, but helps Misaki when threatened by others. They slowly develop a crush on each other but just when things seem to be getting better, Takumi’s past intervenes. Misaki is upset about Takumi’s forceful transfer to the rival school.

A criminal thrill plus mystery anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 6: Stand Ocean will be a good choice while wondering about Maid Sama. This anime can even make you a binge-watcher and forget about Maid Sama, of course, only for a while. Give it a try then tell me your views in the comments.

Trailer: Kaichou Wu Maid-Soma Season 1

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