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Everything About  Selena Gomez’s Baila Conmigo

What’s up, Selenators? Are you guys having fun with your idol’s newest song? One of the most talented singers out there, Selena Gomez is working hard to get back to her roots. Every single, double, or collaboration music by Selena has always been the fan’s favorite. After a long decade, Selena finally presented a Spanish song. It is truly said that music has no language. Selenators, as well as other music enthusiasts, are just recovering from the stun of De Una Vez of Selena. But our sweet, actress-singer is again surprising us with a new song. Let us know what she has got for us now.

Rawn Alecjora and Selena Gomez

Release Date: Baila Conmigo

For all the non-Spanish people out there, Baila Conmigo means ‘dance with me’. So, are you guys ready to dance with Selena and party? The second Spanish dubbed by Selena, Baila Conmigo on 29 January 2021. It feels like Selena is set to break her limits and she never fails to dazzle her fans. While waiting for Baila Conmigo, vibe with De Una Vez.

Announcement: Baila Conmigo

Bless Twitter! We got the announcement for the new Spanish cover through Selena’s tweet. Not only she teased a poster but also a video of her exiting the De Una Vez and entering Baila Conmigo. Anyway, her new song seems to be a little sultry, but isn’t she a diva? Look at the picture she uploaded with her announcement on Twitter. While you wait for the new track follow up with her other songs. All her works attract listeners all over the globe, maybe her new song will be on Billboard like some of her other works. Till then, keep vibing with Selena. 

Collaborations: Baila Conmigo

As Selena started working on Spanish projects, she found herself some exceptional partners as well. Baila Conmigo is going to be a collaboration of Selena with Rauw Alejandro and Tiany. Selena worked with Tiany as her producer for De Una Vez too. Rauw Alejandro aka Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz is a singer, rapper, and composer. Fans just can’t wait for the song to come up.  So after discovering your self-worth with De Una Vez, get ready to dance with Selena on Baila Conmigo. Get your moves on for this Friday night!

Teaser: Baila Conmigo

If you watched the official video of De Una Vez, then you know about the teaser. Well, Selena is full of creativity. You see the beautiful singer dressed in a tight-fit dress, in a very unique spotlight. I said unique because they are orange-red. She is exiting the De Una Vez scene and we see ‘Baila Conmigo’ flashing over. The teaser itself seems intriguing, we can only imagine the song. Did I just forget to mention Selena’s hair? Girls, you will surely be jealous of her waist-length hair. At the same time, boys won’t be able to stop themselves from falling for her. Watch the teaser here!


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