Enola Holmes is featuring Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven from Stranger Things, Release Date, Cast and Plot. 

The film is about Sherlock Holmes sister Enola Homes, who is on a journey to find her beloved mom. Millie Bobby Brown is back with her astonishing acting playing as Enola Holmes in the upcoming film. We all know the same old stories of Sherlock Holmes and retellings by adapting the character’s persona. However, the non-book readers haven’t heard of Enola Holmes. Her name spells Alone if rewind the letters. Let’s see Enola solving the mysteries Alone on the footsteps of his brother Sherlock Holmes. 

Release Date: Enola Holmes

The film is releasing on 23rd September 2020. The team launched the trailer on 25th August 2020 on Netflix’s official channel. The users have expressed their excitement with comments like “Plot Twist: Enola’s mother trapped in The Upside Down,” “The alternate title could be, Holmes: Alone” and more! 

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Cast: Enola Holmes

Yes, you heard it right! Millie Bobby Brown will be playing the lead character as Enola Holmes. She is Sherlock Holmes’ sister, who is just as smart as him. Will Sherlock play in this film? Yes,  Henry Cavill will be playing the part. Also, Mycroft Holmes will be playing as  Sam Claflin. The woman who supports Enola is Susie Wokoma. Susie’s character is still a secret. However, she will help Enola find her mother. The mystery solver’s mother goes missing? Now, that’s a tragedy. Helena Bonham Carter will play as Enola’s mother aka Eudoria Holmes. 

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Plot: Enola Holmes

The film is about Enola Holmes whose mother

Eudoria Holmes goes missing. Enola and her mother share a close bond then the rest of the siblings because of which she finds her brother to solve the mystery. Her brothers as in Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes, the famous detectives of history. But Mycroft talks behind Enola’s back that she is just a Wild child. Enola listens to her brothers who don’t take her seriously. Therefore she decides to go on this journey Enola aka Alone.  She dresses up in a Lady Manner so that her brothers don’t chase her. Lady manners as in Enola have a history of not behaving like a lady starting with the Gloves attire in the film. 

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She meets Suzie’s role, who teaches her how to fight back. By the time Sherlock finds her, she has already left for her journey with a guy. A guy who has no idea how to fight. Enola becomes the one leading the film forward by solving mysteries to reach out to her mother. The most exciting part of the film would be Millie Bobby Brown being a talkative, bold and strong personality. The audience watched Milli playing as Eleven In Stranger Things who was indeed strong and smart but hardly talked to people. Surprisingly she sees her not just talkative but speaking in a British accent. But the question is Will Enola finds her mother aka Eudoria?  Keep reading to know more. 

Trailer: Enola Holmes


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