Enola Holmes 2, Netflix teases the fans “Anyone else hoping the term Nincompoop makes a comeback?” 

Sherlock Holmes character has been very intriguing to everyone with the mysteries solving piece by piece with every episode. Now, his sister Enola spelt Alone in reverse, is on her way to next film series. The first part was about the missing  Lord Viscount Tewksbury case and outsmarting his brothers Sherlock and Mycroft. Keep reading to know the clues you missed about the second film. 

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Release Date: Enola Holmes 2

As there is no official announcement, we cannot anticipate the film. However, looking at the current pandemic situation, the film might air in late 2022 if announced for its return. How do we know that Enola Holmes might return? Netflix updated gif of Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes from the film when she calls Lord Viscount Tewksbury a ‘Nicompoop’ which means stupid or foolish. They captioned it saying “Anyone else hoping the term Nincompoop makes a comeback?” One of the users commented, “I just watched the movie, and it’s of the best ones I’ve ever watched.” The post received 15 thousand likes just in 4 hours! 

Cast: Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things series plays the role of Enola Holmes, and her beau is the missing Lord Viscount Tewksbury aka Louis Partridge. Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin play Enola’s brothers Sherlock and Mycroft. Helena Bonham Carter as the mother of Sherlock, Mycroft and Enola as Eudoria Holmes. Other casts include Frances de la Tour, Fiona Shaw and more. 

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Plot: Enola Holmes 2

The next part will be clear about Enola’s mother Eudoria’s motive, as she was fighting Women Sufferage Moment. Enola is hiding from her two brothers but might solve another case which will be about the second book of Enola Holmes. The second book is about The Case of the Left-Handed Lady, written by Nancy Springer. It is a follow up of missing Lord Viscount Tewksbury case. We might see her finding her way alone being a true detective, decipher and the finder of lost souls like she concluded. 

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The next case will be about a missing young woman, Lady Cecily, who vanished her traces. She stayed with Enola in her bedroom. Enola might encounter more bad men who will risk her own life and lose something more valuable as she claimed herself as the “Finder of lost souls” that is like a tease for the fans about the upcoming film sequel as it relates the following synopsis of the film.

Besides this, the film also left us with a few hidden cliffhangers of the next film sequel. A few men were selling newspapers which quote the administration declined the voting right. Forty per cent of men cannot vote, and women didn’t have any voting rights. The next part will be about Eudoria fighting for women, and Enola might be in danger but will use her mother’s lessons to defeat the villians. It will be intriguing to see Mycroft’s character as he didn’t like Enola without  “A lady skill set”. Eudoria fighting for rights might make him less cruel than before. 

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As Sherlock said in the first part that he would take responsibility and be his ward. That Enola won’t be Mycroft’s responsibility. Sherlock might make Enola his assistant as she solved the case before him, we might see her solving another mystery case before Sherlock, which excites the fan about the second film. 

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Storyline: Enola Holmes 2

The first film is about Enola on a journey to find her mother, who went missing. Her mother’s name is Eudoria Holmes. She had a plan which was kept secret from Enola. However, Eudoria did plant some clues for Enola to find her mother. As she goes through the gift box her mother gave her, she finds the clue in the flower painting. Mycroft and Sherlock return to find their other and to take Enola in an obedient school to act like a lady. However, Enola runs away with clues to find her mother. She dresses like a boy so that nobody could spot her.

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Further Enola meets Lord Viscount Tewksbury, who is under a watch of a hitman to kill him. Enola learns about the man looking for Lord Viscount Tewksbury but mistaken him as one of his family member looking for him on a train. She saves him but both part their ways in London. As Enola is looking for her mother and she decides to do it on her own. But the hitman spots Enola dresses as a woman and almost kills her, but she uses her skills to outsmart the hitman. 

The film further continues with who wants the Lord Viscount Tewksbury killed. Enola will finally confront her mother with clues in the newspaper. She will fall for Lord Viscount Tewksbury but declines his offer to be with him. Continues further saying that “You are not rid of me yet, Viscount Tewkesbury, Marquees of Basilwether” which hints tha the love spark will return in upcoming film sequel. 

Trailer: Enola Holmes


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