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Emily in Paris Netflix Series, From the creators of Sex and the City. 

Darren Star is back with the tremendous fashion sense from the Sex and the City, launching “Emily in Paris” series on Netflix. It’s going to be shoes, clothes, brands, and not to forget the culture of the Fashion Industry. Emily is new in Paris, and her American Culture back flashes with her role working in the elite fashion company. You see that the fashion taste also changes from place to place, so welcome Emily but also not accepted in her office. Keep reading to know everything about the Netflix series.  

Release Date: Emily in Paris

The series is releasing on 2nd of October 2020 on Netflix. The trailer has received 27k likes and more than 800 comments about the excitement. One of the users wrote, “I’m getting major Devil Wears Prada vibes, and I LOVE it” as the Devil Wears Prada was all about the toxic culture a fashion firm holds. 

Cast: Emily in Paris

Lilly Collins will play the leading character as Emily Cooper. Ashley Park as Mindy Chen. Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Bruno Gouery, and Camille Razat will be starring as the main cast in the series. Their characters remain a secret. Also, the recurring cast includes Kate Walsh, William Abadie and Arnaud Viard. 

Plot: Emily in Paris

The film is about Emily exploring her boundaries of Fashion sense in Paris. She moved to Paris but was born with American culture. Emily struggles with having similar taste as their culture. The office mates do not accept Emily’s taste hence she doesn’t find a way to vibe with their conversations. 

The people have high expectations from the creator of the show, i.e. Darren. Sex and the City is still the most hyped-up series to date. We can already see the fashionable outfits Emily is wearing in the series. Like the pink cap with a collar slim fit mini dress with a chic cream blazer pairing up with a statement black colour bag. 

Paris, a city, filled with Love, Beauty and Passion. Will Emily make her mark in the Fashion Industry of Paris? Will she be able to cope up with her mates aka rivals? The most competitive industry, because the fashion industry styles change every day. If you like Gossip Girl or Devil wears Prada add this in your bucket list this October 2020 with Emily living her best life! 

Trailer: Emily in Paris

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