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Ellen DeGeneres’s employees claim the workplace as a “Toxic Environment.”

Ellen Degeneres has been one of the famous Tv show host running a show with the same name. She turned 62 years old in January and running her show for seventeen years. Due to quarantine, the set of the show is off, but she chats live with the celebrity is on at her place. However, Ellen has been facing a lot of negative comments with the people raising questions about her workplace. Keep reading to know what’s cooking in the Hollywood industry! 

Dakota Johnson on Ellen show controversy:

Dakota just reminded me of the way she treated the architect from Fifty shades darker. When the architect tried to flirt with Christian Grey, she said, “Keep your hands to yourself” with a fake smile. However,  the move was ironic enough for the show, but we never knew that the Fifty Shades actress hits back in real life. 

On the Ellen Show, Dakota called out Ellen for not showing up on her birthday. However, Ellen replied that “She wasn’t invited.” But the actress invited her and said that “You can ask anyone.” Then one of the crew members nodded when Ellen crosschecked. Hence she laughed awkwardly and replied that she was out of town and could travel Miami. But the fans as you know it dug on her reason and found out that Ellen was hanging out with George W. Bush in Texas enjoying Dallas Cowboy Game. Dakota also said that “I thought you didn’t like me.” 

After this incident, the fans praised Dakota Johnson for calling out  Ellen. One of the verified artists mentioned that “When Dakota Johnson was in his elementary school, he used to get nervous sweats around her, so yeah, she is not scared of Ellen and her kids.”   

Recent Employee Allegation on Racism and Sexual Harassment:

On 9th April 2020, Ellen claimed that quarantine is like living in Jail, because of which many people got offended. People who are locked in jail face a higher chance of getting coronavirus, they dont get to enjoy the lifestyle, and food everyone enjoys at home. Hence people were very offended with the fact that Ellen was insensitive with their conditions. 

It caused the netizens to dig more on Ellens’s persona as the one who shows her “Niceness” nature in public eyes wasn’t sensitive to her words. The Buzzfeed reported that they interviewed 36 people who claimed that Ellen’s working environment was toxic after George Foyer’s incident, people were sensitive if anyone speaks against Black lives. Hence the employees shared their stories of being sexually harassed and faced racism. 

Also, a few employees said that they cut down their salaries in the pandemic situation. People raised a question on Ellen having double standards on and off-camera. The same Ellen, who gives surprising charities on her show to the needy ones, is found not paying the dues of the employees. It’s like the Ellen nobody knew, so who is Ellen exactly? 

Regarding the sexual assault case, the producers named Kevin Leman, Ed Galvin, and Jonathan Norman were called out by the victims.

Ellen DeGeneres’s reaction to the allegation:

Ellen wrote a letter to the staff saying that I made a promise from the beginning of my show that “It would be a place of happiness. However, some people have faced bad experiences with the working culture and that she is sorry. Ellen, though she couldn’t check upon every person if they are doing their job as I want them to, she is against this. Also, a few facts claimed about her being rude to the staff, firing them for silly things. She wrote that the events mentioned about her are wrong, that she isn’t the person indicated by the experiences. The police also held an investigation that will be looking at the work culture and experiences shared by employees. Justice will prevail, and she will look into the matters.  

Kevin T. Porter donating 2 dollars for every story against Ellen’s show:

Kevin T Porter started a moment of donating 2 dollars for LA Regional Food Bank, whoever shares a story against Ellen’s workplace. Porter received three hundred stories, so he gave 600 dollars to the food bank. He also quoted that “She is the meanest people alive.” As few people shared that Ellen ignored how the employees were discriminated against based on being black. Also, Leman was accused by a woman asking for oral sex. Porter mentioned that he doesn’t know if the stories are real or that he still chooses to donate 600 dollars. 

Guest Celebrity reaction to Ellen’s Allegation:

Famous faces like Ashton Kutcher and Katy Perry supported Ellen on the other side. Ashton claimed that “Ashton and his team were treated with honesty and kindness on her show. To which “Teri Heart” replied, “Too bad her staff doesn’t have “teams.” Also, Katy said that “Everyone has witnessed the light and continual fight for equality that Ellen has brought.” Also, celebrities like Brad Garret noted that “its common knowledge to publicly aplogise.” 

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