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“Dune” Movie: “Zendaya” in the upcoming movie based on “Frank Herbert” Novel

Dune is a sci-fi movie based on a planet named Arrakis, which is not just any other planet but a deserted one! Zendaya posted an Instagram picture of her look as “Chani’s” Character in Dune Movie. Stick with me to know Plot, Cast, and more!

Release Date of Dune Movie

The movie is set to release on 18 December 2020. But due to pandemic, as ever other series has shifted date but Dune movie won’t alter its date according to the reports.

The Cast of Dune Movie

The cast is similar to the book. Zendaya who is the famous lead of “Euphoria” is coming up in this movie!

  • “Timothée Chalamet” aka Paul Atreides,
  • “Rebecca Ferguson” aka Lady Jessica
  • “Oscar Isaac” aka Duke Leto Atreides
  • “Josh Brolin” aka Gurney Halleck
  • “Zendaya” aka Chani, and many other characters.


The Plot of Dune Movie

According to the book, the plot will be about everyone trying to have the “Spice” which has the power of living for a longer life span. The director mentioned that the movie will be about half of the book as it is a very long book with 400 pages. The readers suggest not to read the synopsis as it has a lot of spoilers of the book.

The book is not for everyone, but experienced readers who have read sci-fi novels before. The book also inspired the writers of the Star Wars series. Like the wheel of time is actually inspired by the book. Some of the ideas are also implemented in Game of Thrones, which gives us a reason to watch the movie.

A movie was also released before but wasn’t successful enough. As the movie was rushed to release and the movie was made on the whole book. We will have some excellent screenwriters in the picture for this movie like “Eric Roth” who also wrote about “A Star is Born” movie and “Jon Spaihts” who wrote the “Passengers” Movie. The book is available but I will suggest you buy it only if you are a reader.

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