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Dune featuring the Little Women actor Timothée Chalamet who will be fighting beardless! 

The film is about an epic sci-fi fictional film which will have many following sequels in the upcoming years. However, the film is the adaption of the book with the same name by Frank Herbert. The film was also released before in 1984, but the viewers weren’t entirely happy with the content. As the film involves many characters with dukes to villians playing an active role to pursue ‘The Spice.” What is spice? It allows you to live for a lifetime, but you just have one obstacle, i.e. The Giant Worm on Arrakis Planet.  

Release Date: Dune

The film is releasing on 18th of December 2020. Warner Bros. Pictures launched the trailer on 9th of September 2020. The viewers have expressed their excitement with comments like “Beyond fear, destiny awaits so well said,” “beardless Jason Momoa? Haven’t seen that in a long time,” and more. In July 2019, the team completed filming Dune. Wikipedia also mentioned that an Arri Alexa LF camera and an Alexa Mini LF prototype was paired up with Panavision’s large-format lenses in the Ultra Vista and H-series line-up.

Cast: Dune 

  • Laurie from the Little Women film aka Timothée Chalamet will be playing as the lead character in the upcoming movie as Paul Atreides. He is beardless in the movie that’s the reason one of the users commented about his look in Dune. 
  • The Euphoria actress, Zendaya as Chani who is Laurie’s (Paul) crush in this film. 
  • The Girl on the Train actress, Rebecca Ferguson will play the character of Lady Jessica. She is Paul Atreides’s mother and has a non-marital sexual relationship with Duke Leto.
  • Oscar Isaac will play Duke Leto’s character. 
  • Jason Momoa, the lead character of Aquaman, will play the role of Duncan Idaho. 
  • It looks like the superheroes film characters will drool in the upcoming film as the Thor actor, Stellan Skarsgård will play the character of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Also, Dave Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy will play the role of Glossu Rabban. He is the brutish nephew of Baron. 
  • Javier Bardem will play the role of Stilgar, the protagonist of the show.  He is the leader of the Fremen tribe at Sietch Tabr. 

Also, others cast like David Dastmalchian, Chang Chen, Jason Momoa will be starring in the upcoming film. 

Plot: Dune

The film is about acquiring “The Spice” of Arrakis. Duke Leto Atreides accepts the proposal to administer mission Spice from Arrakis. It’s known to be a terrifying planet because giant sandworms which were becoming the first barrier to reach the Spice. He knows that it’s a trap by the enemies, but he continues trusting his mother, Lady Jessica, who will guide him throughout his journey. 

However, they get betrayed by the enemies and are handed over to the Fremen tribe residing in Natives of Arrakis. Stilgar played by Javier Bardem will confront  Paul Atreides and Lady Jessica as he is the leader of the Freman tribe. They live in the deep desert of Arrakis. That’s it for the plot, till then stay tuned for more updates! 

Trailer: Dune


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