Dora and the Lost City of Gold 2019 movie hit theatre’s on August 2

Dora and the Lost City of Gold 2019, an adventure movie based on an animated Nickelodeon’s cartoon show ‘Dora the Explorer’. The movie directed by James Bobin & produced by Kristin Burr and made in production house Paramount Players, Nickelodeon Movies & Walden Media. It’s a story written by Tom Wheeler and screenplay by Nicholas Stoller & Matthew Robinson. The movie ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold” scheduled to be released on August 2, 2019, by Paramount Pictures.


Dora and the Lost City of Gold cast and voice cast stars:-

• Isabela Moner as “Dora”

• Eugenio Derbez as “Alejandro Gutierrez

• Michael Pena as “ Dora’s Father”

• Eva Longoria as “Dora’s Mother”

• Danny Trego as “the voice of Boots the Monkey”

• Benicio del Toro as “the voice of Swiper the Fox” and more.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold music given by John Debney & Germaine Franco, cinematography by Javier Aguirresarobe and edited by Mark Everson. The movie production started on August 6, 2018, in ‘Queensland, Australia’ and ended in December 2018. The Official Trailer of ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ movie released on March 23, 2019, at the Kid’s Choice Awards and get 17 million views.

Dora and Lost City of Gold Story Plot:-

It’s a story of a girl named Dora, who lives in the jungle with her parents and very adventurous. Her parents were going for an adventure to find a ‘Lost City of Gold’ the Incan Civilization and send her to the city. Dora joins High School and made some friends. One day she went to the museum with her friends but get kidnapped along with her friends. Her kidnappers sent her to the jungle and the adventure begins for Dora to save her parents and to find the ‘Lost City of Gold’.

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