Dil Bechara Trailer out Release Date, Cast, and Plot and many more

"Seri?, Seri" will be as "okay?, okay" dialogue of fault in our stars!

Dil Bechara : A movie based on “Fault in our stars”, a love story of Manny and Kizie in which Kizie is undergoing cancer treatment and her life takes a turn when she meets Manny aka Sushant Singh Rajput. It’s sad to say that the movie turns out Sushant’s final movie. The movie was first named as “Kizie and Manny”. They say, “More is Less” and that’s what I feel when I write about him and his last movie. I hope you keep reading to know every minute thing about this movie.



Dil Bechara Release date:

The movie was supposed to be premiered in theatres on 8th May 2020, was postponed due to the COVID pandemic situation. Now the movie is set to release on 24th July 2020 on Disney Hotstar. Good news that it will be favored to subscribe and unsubscribed members of Hotstar and bad news that we didn’t get to watch his phenomenal movie in theatres due to COVID. 

Dil Bechara Cast:

“Sushant Singh Rajput” will play the character of Manny who is a happy, fun-loving, and Kizie’s boyfriend in the movie. Kizie on the other side will be played by “Sanjana Sanghi”. Also “Saif Ali Khan” as “Aftab” in the movie. We also have other casts which include “Swastika Mukherjee”, “Milind Gunaji”, and “Javed Jaffrey”.



The movie starts with Kizie taking treatments and pills as she is undergoing cancer. Her day revolves around doctors, checkups, and daily bread unless one day she crosses her path with Sushant Singh Rajput. He is funny, he is energetic, he is lively! He brightens Kizie’s life, as a cancer patient is not always happy to learn that the next second can turn out as a death sentence. 

Kizei on the other side tries to stop Manny get attached to her, as we see in the trailer she stops him from claiming her as his girlfriend. Sushant Singh also says a line “Janam kab lena hai aur Marna kab, hum decide nahi kar sakte… pr kaise jeena hai woh hum decide kar sakte hai” which means “We cannot decide when we will born, we cannot decide when we can die but we can decide how to live!”. That really hurt the people badly because he committed suicide according to police and people are trying to figure out what can possibly be more important than “Yourself”. Manny also mentions a tamil term “Seri” which means “okay”.


About Sushant Singh Rajput:

He was a good actor who started his career as Manav in Television series. His first film was Kai Po Che, wherein the actor’s talent was recognized. He gained an immense amount of stardom after his movie “MS Dhoni: The untold story”. He was dating the Archana of Pavitra Rishta which was played by Ankita Lokhande. They both had a great relationship but Sushant separated with her after a few years. 


They were supposed to get married, and they were still in good terms as friends. When Ankita Lokhande heard the news she did not add any social media post as she is grieving at the moment. Reports also claim that she was supposed to get married in the coming time with her current boyfriend. Sandip Singh also posted a picture saying that “What if Ankita was still in his life”. After his relationship ended with Ankita he was dating Rhea Chakraborty. She also confessed that they had a fight and the actress is rumored to be dating Mukesh Bhatt. 


The case is closed with the 4th post mortem report claiming suffocation voluntarily and no signs of struggles. His last call was to Mahesh Shetty his former cast in Pavitra Rishta who played the character of Jaywant. He was grieving and finally opened up saying his last words to him that “I know how much you loved stars and vow to the motherly earth that I will be looking for you every night”.

Sanjana Sanghi’s post on Sushant:

The main actress posted pictures during the filming of “Dil Bechara” which was captioned that how much she misses eating ham and cheese omelet or Chai. Dancing in the middle of a tough scene and arguing with him about Yuval Noah Harrari and Freud’s Book. 


It’s really sad because the actress made her debut playing the lead role and it turned out to be Sushant’s last film. She also made a video of telling people to watch the film alone or with family or with a projector on with your friends. You can watch the movie whenever you want, however you want, how many times you want! Pause wherever you like, cry with us and that’s what anyone else would want. 

The trailer of Dil Bechara:

The trailer also mentions a dialogue from his Raabta movie, “ek tha raja, ek thi Rani, dono margaye khatam Kahani”. also featuring a glimpse of AR Rahman song named “Dil Bechara”.

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