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Death Note Season 2: Trailer, Release, Cast, Plot and Storyline
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Death Note Season 2: Trailer, Release, Cast, Plot and Storyline

Death Note Anime is coming up with Season 2?? Read the article for more!!

Death Note Season 2: Death Note is a Japanese manga mystery psychological thriller series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. It is undoubtedly the adaption of the author’s novel on the same name published by Shueisha. Death Note Season 1 streamed on Nippon TV every Tuesday id had a total of 37 episodes which launched on 3 October 2006 directed by Tetsuro Araki. Madman Entertainment distributes the manga series. It’s more than a decade, but the series didn’t come up for a second season yet!! Fans are wondering if the series will ever come forward with its sequel!! Four action films also launched on Netflix based on the anime and the novel, including a video game. Season 1 was spectacular, and fans went crazy!! From then on, demand for Death Note Season 2 is high! Well though the anime gained popularity all over it went out of content sadly. 

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Death Note Season 2 Release Date

Well, it’s been more than a decade ever since season 1 launched. We have no clue regarding its sequel. If at all there are plans for season 2 we are sure that it will not air in 2020 because of the pandemic. Death Note Season 2 is not yet confirmed and even renewed. We expect season 2 to air on Netflix. Until then, enjoy the trailer!

Death Note Season 2 Cast

  • Tatsuya Fujiwara, a Japanese actor well known for the Death Note Films, will voice for Light Yagami, the protagonist of the animated series.
  • Kenichi Matsuyama, a Japanese actor well known for the Death Note Films will sound L Lawliet popularly known as “L,” the detective. 
  • Erika Toda, a popular Japnese TV actress, will voice Misa Amane, a model. 
  • Nakamura Shidou, a Japanese Kabuki film actor, will sound Ryuki, who leaves the death notes. 
  • Other exciting characters like Rem, Kiyomi Takada, Watari, Sanami, etc. will appear in Death Note Season 2 voiced by various talented actors and actresses. 

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Death Note Season 2 Plot

The plot is all about the protagonist Light Yagami who feels like something is lacking in his life. One day, Yagami finds a diary titled “DEATH NOTE” at school. The log had significant powers who can kill the person whose name gets entered. Death Note release date 1024x500 1 1200x900 1Yagami makes use of this superpower and gets involved in killing people eventually. On observing the sudden changes and demise of people, the cops and “L” investigates the case and keeps an eye on Yagami. There are lot many twists, turns and suspense in the anime that excite you. Go, watch for yourself! Well, fans claim that the action film is nothing before the anime, and are demanding for Death Note 2 and mocked for focusing on the action films. 



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