Cuties Netflix Film controversy: The team responds with a diplomatic answer. 

Cuties Netflix Film controversy: The show is about a black Muslim girl who comes from a background wherein nudity is a sin. However, she aspires to be a dancer and crosses the limits of her religion. The controversy is about sexualising the kids with revealing outfits. Keep reading to know everything about the action taken by the netizens against the film. 

Controversy: Cuties

People claim that the poster launch of “Cuties” film represent the girls in uncomfortable postures. They are sexualising the kids in the movie. Change.Org made a petition against the movie aka “Petition to Remove Cuties From Netflix”. Almost 3 lakh people have signed the request and received 945k dislikes on the trailer. 

Netflix reacted to the comments with a diplomatic tweet saying “That they apologise for sexualising the women however its a french film awarded by Sundance Film Festival. The angry netizens cancelled their subscription for sexualising kids. But the Netizens didn’t stop there one of the users dropped news of The New York Times” wherein The founder of Sundance, Sterling Van Wagenen is found guilty for molesting a child. The news claims that he molested the girl in the year 2013 and 2015, and this wasn’t the only victim. As the case came forward, one more guy claimed that Mr Sterling touched his genital parts. 

People started sharing screenshots of cancelling the subscription, out of which one of the user cancelled a seven-year subscription. The trailer received a tremendous amount of hatred with 1 lakh comments. The users slammed with comments like “Cuties? More like Pukies for Predators only,” “They need to make a hate button,” and “The hell are they wearing. I’m almost 16, and I don’t even dress like that.” 

Celebrities who commented on the Cuties Film controversy

Tessa Thomson who played Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok film series, also commented regarding Cuties film. She was happy with the plot of the film, however, disappointed looking at the hyper-sexualization of preadolescent girls. She also defended Netflix, adding one more tweet saying “ Netflix didn’t make this film y’all.”

The Good Trouble actor, Denim Richards also commented on taking down the film. He continued further saying that “It is a not an Art or classifies Freedom of expression.”


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