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Crocs X Justin Bieber with Drew dropped this Tuesday! And went OUT OF STOCK within less than 24 hours!!

Crocs are never out of style. Go grab your pair of crocs right away!

Lockdown has become productive for many people despite the halt. We’ve seen people developing their thoughts and coming up with new ideas in this particular situation, mostly. Crocs are never out of style they perfectly suit for any casual parties or on the go. The pop star Justin Bieber launches his unique brand of crocks lately, which is trending right now. He stated that he loves flaunting his style and always wears crocs on the go. And it’s high time he came up with a pair of crocks self-designed by him. After knowing this, I’m damn sure that fans are looking forward to grabbing those pair of crocs ASAP so am I. 

Do you want to know more about the crocs?? Okay!! Let’s go ahead.

Justin Bieber‘s crocs collaboration with the Drew House was unpredictable and delighted the fans. The crocks come in luminous yellow colour with decorative emojis and unique accessories. The crocks are so appealing and suit well for any age groups. 

Want to know about the price??

The pair of yellow crocs designed by Justin Bieber costs $59.99. 

Where can you avail them?

You can order the crocks worldwide on the official Croc’s website. Grab your pair of crocs quickly as they are in limited stock. It’s not yet 24 hours of the launch, but the orders got heaped. Don’t miss them!! 

It is Drew House‘s and Justin Bieber‘s first collaboration with crocs. An excellent start as they are quickly sold out and are OUT OF STOCK.

Well, there are many other designs launched by other celebrities which dropped recently. Each pair of crocs are designed uniquely and are on high demand. Comparing JB’s crocs with others, they are not so stylish as other celebrities designs. But still, they are trending and have sold the maximum number of crocs in less than 24 hours. 


The star shares his picture flaunting his crocs along the poolside. The photoshoot was damn impressive and made fans pull towards the design. The rubber crocs are strong enough, and you comfortably wear them for all kind of events and flaunt your style. 

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