Children’s Day Books Recommendations: My Top 5 Children’s Classic Picks

I don’t think anybody’s too old to celebrate Children’s Day. Because I feel we all are children at heart at the end of the day. So on this occasion of Children’s Day, here are my top 5 picks of Children’s Classics, which will take you back in time and make you recall all those beautiful memories of your childhood.

Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

This one is my favorite Children’s Classic of all the time, And hence is on top of this list—little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
This book is an account, or one could call a summary of the author’s childhood. She has recorded all the fun, fight, and lessons she had learned on the way while growing up with her three sisters. In this book, the author has changed all of their names, and the book goes by as a telltale of March sisters, i.e., Meg March, Jo March, Beth March, and Amy March.

This 400 pages book will completely absorb you into the little world of the March sisters. March sisters live in a humble household with their marmee (their mother) and their house helper Hannah while their dear father is at war. With a not lot of money to spend and the luxuries to be enjoyed. We see the March sisters making the most of what they have. With their little understanding of the world, we see the girls taking up wise decisions, helping one another, and cherishing their family.

The book does not contain only one incident or that one chapter of the author’s childhood; it’s a culmination of all her childhood merriments. Though, there are separate sets of events spread out evenly throughout the book. The book does maintain its continuity, and it all goes in a flow.

I had a smile the entire time while reading this book. Yes, it is an entertaining read, but amid all the fun, the book gives out some powerful humanitarian message in a subtle way, which I thought was thoughtful.


little      lolo


The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson

This book, as far as I know, is almost every other person’s favorite. And it was only after reading it I understood why so.

The story is about a 10-year-old Mary Lennox. Who after the death of parents comes to stay with her uncle at the Misselthwaite Manor. The thing about Mary is she’s a sad little brat. Mary was always neglected by her parents, which made her sad and mad all the time. However, little did she know that Misselthwaite Manor is the saddest place on this planet.

Once at Misselthwaite, Mary soon realizes that there are no servants who will entertain her tantrums. So, she becomes entirely independent and finds out means and ways to keep herself entertained. That’s how stumbles upon the secret garden, befriends her cousin Colin, a brat just like her, along with the good-natured little boy Dickon. As the book progresses, we see how the trio works to restore the Secret Garden’s beauty secretly.

The book will give you a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach as it speaks a lot about the sunshine, the gardens, nature, and the company of good friends.
The fun part is how Mary, who herself was a brat, lessons her cousin Colin and transforms him from a cranky little brat to a happy – go- lucky boy. My favorite characters from this book are Dickon and his mother. In their little way, they help Mary turn herself from a 10-year-old sulking old lady to a normal healthy, playful girl.

It is a concise read, but it speaks a lot about never stop believing in magic and miracles. Here is one of my favorite quote from the book, which goes this way
” Of course there must be lots of magic in the world, but people don’t know what it is like or how to make it. Perhaps the beginnings is just to say nice things are going to happen until you make them happen”.


garden scaled                        garden secret

The Wizard Of Oz – L. Frank Baum

The Wizard Of Oz is one of the most famous children classics. I had read it when I was in third grade, and the emerald city so amused me. Also, the entire mystery surrounding the Wizard Of Oz is he and what makes him so great. I felt the same thrill and amusement again while re-reading it in my twenties. Well, I guess some books are just timeless.

The story begins when a cyclone sweeps Dorthy and her pet dog Toto, and they land up in the magical city of Oz. So, now Dorthy’s only aim is to get out of this magical city and get back home. Through a munchkin, she gets to know that only the great Wizard Of Oz could help her get back home with the help of his magical powers.

Dorthy and Toto then set on to their journey to the Emerald City, where the great Wizard lives. But getting to their destination isn’t easy. Since on the way, they will fight off plenty of magical creatures to reach Emerald City. But Dorthy and Toto aren’t alone in this fight; their friends accompany them. The Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion whom they meet on the way. They also help Dorthy and Toto in a great way to fight off their enemies. At last, Dorothy and her friends reach the Emerald City, and finally, they get to meet the great Wizard Of Oz. But in the end, there’s an incredible revelation that the Great Wizard Of Oz isn’t someone who he claims to be, and he isn’t even that great as people think he is.
So who is this Wizard Of Oz? Is he an imposter? Will Dorothy get back home? What will happen to hers and her friends?
Well, to find out, one needs to read the book.

The Wizard Of Oz is I think it is a curious book and exciting book, and this is precisely why it makes a quick read. I was able to complete this book within two days. I love this book mostly for its wide range of characters, whether it is the Tinman, the Scarecrow, the Lion, or Dorothy herself. They all are unique in their way; their unique personalities and weird tactics make this book all more funny and engaging. I especially love those parts; whenever Dorothy and her friends had an obstacle in front of them, they always overcame it with their bright ideas.
Through fun and engaging, the book gives out a powerful message that “Never underestimate yourself, you never know how great you are unless you challenge yourself.”



wizard                     oz

Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan is another one of those classic tales which most of us have grown up watching. Yes, I am speaking about the Disney adaption of it. I did watch the Peter Pan movie quite a few times while growing up, and I loved it. It wasn’t until this summer that I finally got myself reading the book as well. And to be honest, I loved it as well.

Wendy had always heard her mother speak about this magical boy called Peter Pan, who never grows up and lives in Neverland. Until one fine day, Peter Pan does visits Wendy himself along with Tinker Bell. After that, we see Peter Pan takes Wendy and her two brothers, John and Michael, to Neverland. Once in Neverland, Wendy and her brothers meet Peter’s troop, “The Lost Boys.” Together, they have a lot of fun; they play with the mermaids, fight off the wicked Pirates, and undertake plenty of adventures.

At last, one day when Wendy realizes that maybe never growing up is a whole lot of fun, but she still needs her mom and dad; and maybe growing up isn’t that bad. So, along with her brothers, Wendy comes back to her home, leaving Peter Pan sad.

The writer did do an excellent job with the details. The book is very descriptive. My favorite character in this book was Tinker Bell. Her tantrums and temper make this book a whole lot of fun. However, the book does get all emotional towards the end when Wendy leaves Peter Pan and thinks that Peter Pan will forget her. But keeping the forever boy title intact to Peter Pan, we see Peter Pan still a kid one night visiting Wendy’s daughter and taking her with him to a visit the Neverland. So, maybe Peter Pan never did forget Wendy at all.

peter pna          pan

Alice’s Adventures In The Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

The story begins when on one fine, sunny afternoon while dozing under a tree, Alice. When suddenly out of the blue, Alice sees a rabbit wearing a waistcoat and carrying a watch. Alice gets curious, and she follows the rabbit. And that’s she ends up in the crazy world of Wonderland. Once, Alice meets many quirky creatures such as the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cats, the Queen Of Hearts, etc. Not only the creatures in the Wonderland are quirky, but Wonderland itself is too an extraordinary place. It’s always in momentum; there isn’t a time when it is at peace. To Alice, this seems like a perfect gateway from her boring quintessential life. However, towards the end of the book, we see Alice finding herself back under the tree. And wondering whether or not Wonderland is for real because Wonderland is such a beautiful to stay after all.

Alice In Wonderland is a hilarious book overall. But what gets me the most is Alice’s curiosity, which puts her into a sticky situation all the time. Alice’s adventure in Wonderland is a crazy, funny, and silly ride, which will leave its reader in fits of laughter at the end of the book. I think this is why I love this book so much !!!!
I am sure you will love it too, so to get this book a try.


alice      adventure


So, that’s all about my Children’s Day Book Recommendation. Do pick one of these and experience the joy of being a child once again.

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