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Carnival Row Season 2: Release Date & Updated News

Philo and Vignette will start a new chapter...

The steampunk sci-fi, Carnival Row is back with a sequel. Fans will agree that the first season displayed a perfect blend of politics, neo-noir, and supernatural fantasy. The first season starred Orlando Bloom, so will the second season. The web television series is created by Travis Beacham and Rene Echavarria together and they also act as showrunners. Philo’s story is waiting for us, or maybe we are waiting for Philo. Here is everything we know about Carnival Row Season 2 you might want.

Carnival Row Season 2 Release

Release Date: Carnival Row Season 2

After about two years from its renewal by Amazon in July 2019, Carnival Row Season 2 is finally near its release. Still, we do not have an exact date, but we do know a bit. The second season of Carnival Row will release in August 2021, which is also the month of the first season’s release. So, don’t forget to check on Amazon Prime Video’s lists of upcoming releases with us. As for now, check out the season one’s trailer.

Cast: Carnival Row Season 2

The cast from the first season comes back with a few additions. Orlando Bloom will respire his role of Rycroft Philostrate, aka, Philo. Cara Delevigne will play as Vignette Stonemoss. Arty Froushan and Caroline Ford will be in the roles of Jonah Breakspear and Sophie Longerbane, respectively. Indira Varma and Jared Harris will play the role of Piety Breakspear and Absalom Breakspear. Tazmin Merchant will play the role of Imogen Spunrose. Well, as long as the leads and their nemesis are there, other characters will keep elaborating on the show.

Carnival Row Season 2 Cast

Plot: Carnival Row Season 2

The audience saw Phil joining Vignette at the end of season one. But the reason for his giving up the badge is still under the covers. We are guessing that Vignette may be the reason behind the same. Faes are surely up for a fight to achieve liberation this time. Most probably, Sophie Longerbane and Jonah Breakspear are the biggest hurdles for the community. There is a good chance for a back story of human-fae Phil. It looks like we are in for a lot of fun this time.

Carnival Row Season 2 Plot

Storyline: Carnival Row Season 2

If we can find any fantasy with utmost realism then it is in Carnival Row. The story follows a mixed breed guy, Phil. While following a mysterious murder case, Phil discovers about himself. We get to watch some complicated love relationships wrapped in power hunger. The mystical creatures are still in danger, but our beloved police officer does his best to solve the knot. But why did he gave up on his police badge and join Vignette? Know the answer in the second season of Carnival Row.

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Trailer: Carnival Row Season 1

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