Bruce Jenner to open about his Sexual “Transitioning”

Bruce Jenner to open about his sexual transitioning


With the media world buzzing about Bruce Jenner’s sex transitioning, the former olympic gold medalist has made it clear that he is soon going to open up more about his transformation.

You have seen him in the hit reality show, ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ as the dad who was always there for his children and a husband who always supported his wife, but maybe in his long list of dreams to be fullfilled like winning the gold medal in the Olympics and becoming a successful motivational speaker as well as an entrepreneur, Bruce had just one more wish unfullfilled, that is becoming a woman.

His friends and families are very supportive, even Kim’s partner Kanye has no issues with Bruce’s new transformation.

However Bruce’s ex wife Kris blames herself for the steps Bruce has taken, believing depression and stress from their separation might have been what lead to the former olympian to make this move. The pair ended their relationship in 2013 after 22 years of marriage.

It is also revealed that Bruce even had a Laryngeal shave to shrink his adam’s apple and has been growing his hair, to add on to giving him a more feminine look.

Although he is still strongly in the process of becoming a woman he is still heterosexual meaning he’s still straight.

Bruce is scheduled to have an interview by the month of May, where the main subject about his transitioning will be talked about.



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