“Brad Pitt” dumps “Jennifer Anniston” again before “20th Anniversary”: Trouble in Paradise?

The successful actor, from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt has drooled about his relationship status! He had the beautiful Angelina Jolie and the Jennifer Anniston aka Rachel Green in his life! But looks like they both don’t suffice his want for love! 

brad pitt jennifer aniston

Relationships: Brad Pitt

Jen is his first wife and he divorced him and dated Angelina Jolie. There are rumors that both Angelina and Bradd were having an affair, as they were the cast of Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie. The movie launched in the same year Jen and Brad got divorced. But later even Angelina Jolie divorced Brad in 2016 for having differences and took the custody of 6 children.

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Angelina also stated that she made the right decision to leave and it’s now a time to heal after her divorce. The Maleficent actress does like the kids in real life! 

The current relationship status of Brad Pitt 

It was reported that the morning show actress “Jennifer Anniston” was in god terms with Brad. Pictures of SAG awards went viral of them sharing hugs. During the pandemic crisis, both of them were staying together. As they got married on 29 July 2000, they were going to have the 20th Anniversary but Brad made his move of kicking Jennifer Anniston out of his life. It was indeed a big move after his Saga Awards speech when he mentioned that “It was difficult to be with a man who gets high, takes his shirt off and doesn’t get along with his wife”. They were in good terms unless he dumped Jen again. 

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He also states that he hasn’t given up on love he needs someone lowkey and someone who loves him. This clearly states that he doesnt want anyone like Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Anniston was really trying to make the relationship work asking Courtney Cox and others to ask what he feels about her. She is dumped again by Brad Pitt, now Jen must have got the answers and maybe she won’t try again after being humiliated like this.

Angelina is coming up with her upcoming superhero movie named “The Eternals” and Jennifer on the other side is coming up with “The Morning show Season 2” on Apple plus network. 


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