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Sonakshi ‘s Movie Khandaani Shafakhana Is In Legal Trouble !




Amitabh Parashar, who is Journalist-turned-filmmaker has sent a lawful notice to T-series for stealing the idea of his script for its new film ‘Khandaani Shafakhana.’ It stars Sonakshi Sinha and Anu Kapoor in key roles.

Parashar sent this notice through his advocate. Parashar told that he went to T-Series last year with the idea of a film. The idea was based on Street-Side sex shops. He even received an acknowledgement after mailing a soft copy of his script. The media was told that Parashar’s script is registered with the Screen Writer’s Association, Mumbai.

Bhushan Kumar of T-Series has slammed the accusation by saying that the film he is making is completely different. There is no similarity between his movie and Parashar’s script.

Parashar told that he created the idea of an amusement film, titled as ‘Bhag Mohabbat’ which is about the world of street sex doctors. Parashar also made a feature-length documentary Death of a Sex Doctor after four-year research on roadside sex shops. He wanted to move further on this concept. He has won the National Film Award for his documentary ‘The Eyes of Darkness’.

According to Parashar, he met Mukesh Desai of T-Series to discuss a feature film on this subject and he was sent to meet Anjali Bhushan of the T-Series. He said he narrated the story to Bhushan. Parashar wanted to direct the film based on his story and also had cast in his mind. Some names of Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurana was on his list.

When he sent his script to T-Series, he got an acknowledgement in March 2018. But in January 2019, Parashar read in a newspaper that T-Series is going to make a film on a similar concept. Just the name of the movie is changed from Bhag Mohabbat to Khandani Shafkhana.

According to Parashar, it is a huge loss for him. He has demanded charges to the tune of Rs 5 crore from the T-Series.

Right after the legal trouble of the fraud case, Sonakshi Sinha is yet again a part of the legal matter. The movie Kalank will feature her. Poster and teaser of this movie are out and trending everywhere.

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