Shikara Trailer,The untold story of “Kashmiri pandits” Netizens gives mixed reactions

Shikara Movie: What is it to know the agony of being a refugee in your own country? The year 1990 saw the biggest forced migration in independent India whereby more than 4,00,000 Kashmiri Pandits had to flee from the Kashmir Valley. Almost 3 decades later, most have been unable to return.

From the pages of history, bringing back the “untold story” of Kashmiri pandits the trailer of the much-awaited film Shikara launched today at an event in Mumbai living the audience austruck. Shikara is the story of resilience in the face of insurmountable odds. It’s also the story of a love that remains unextinguished through 30 years of exile.“Shikara” addresses the issue of ethnic cleansing and riots that took place in 1989 in Kashmir, and in recent times when Article 370 was abolished.

Talking to the social media, Vidhu Vinod Chopra films shared a poster featuring the lead actors, embedded in a distressed state. The makers posted, “More than 4,00,000 Kashmiri Pandits lost their homes and became refugees in their own country. Three decades later, watch their story unfold.

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The trailer stars newcomers Aadil Khan as Shiv Kumar Dhar and Sadia as Shanti Dhar, as a Kashmiri Pandit couple who is forced to flee the Valley in 1989-1990. The time when separatist groups forced the Valley’s Hindu community to abandon their homes and businesses and become refugees in Jammu and beyond.

The trailer of the film begins with Shiv and Shanti, a couple in blooming love, then the discomfort starts to brew. The violence erupts on 19 January 1990, as the director brings the story to us around Kashmiri pandits and their sufferings during the exodus. Highlighting how the threats became the message for the community, militancy became an important reason, Shikara presents an engulfing and gripping trailer.

Speaking to the media at the event, Chopra gave his reaction on the Kashmir exodus as well as the ongoing violent attacks on students across the nation.

“I condemn all violence and I am not saying this for the sake of it. I condemn the violence which took place 30 years ago and I condemn the violence which is taking place today. But somewhere deep down in my heart there is this hopeful individual — maybe because I am from Kashmir and attached to poetry. I feel that someday this icy mountain will melt, the snow will be gone and there will be spring. I am saying this with all honesty. I am hopeful that someday soon there will be the blooming of India for each one of us,”

said Chopra.

The netizens gave a mixed reaction after watching the shikara’s trailer

Although,the trailer serves the potential of giving a dose of history, reality, curiosity and thrilling storyline as a whole. Shikara, a timeless love story in the worst of times. Directed, Edited & Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra in association with Fox Star Studios is going to hit the theatres on 7th February 2020 alongside Malang.

Watch the trailer here ;

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