Gully Boy Movie Review : Alia and Ranveer at their best!

Gully Boy Movie Review: Music is an integral part of Bollywood. We just can’t separate Music from our lives as well as cinemas. So, keeping this in mind Zoya Akhter directed a Hindi Musical Drama called Gully Boy.  This movie has Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in lead roles.

The story of the movie spins around a boy called Muraz played by Ranveer Singh. He lives in a Dharavi and silently dreams about being something big in his life. His family member never supports him. His friends are his strength and they support him to follow his passion.

They help him to get into a competition of rap music. Alia played the role of Maverick Safeena who is possessive and supportive love interest of Muraz.

More than a musical drama, Gully Boy movie is about self-belief, confidence, dreams, and passion. The dialogues of this movie are strong. The line ‘Apna Time Ayega’ is already famous among all the youngsters.

Gully Boy Movie Trailer

This dialogue when you hear in theatre gives Goosebumps to you. Ranveer Singh’s acting just won everyone’s hearts. Even if you don’t know anything about rap, you will still love the musical rap in this film. They have done a deadly combination of amazing music, lyrics, and beats.

That part is just brilliant and so energizing. Just the second part of this movie is slightly lengthy.

Alia and Ranveer played their part so well that we can call it as the best performance of both of them. Amruta Subhash and Sheeba Chadda portrayed the role of mothers amazingly.

Supporting actor like Siddharth Chaturvedi did his job with his whole heart with amazing screen presence. Mumbai level slang in dialogues will make every Mumbaikar relate to those lines.

All the younger generation will love this movie. Gully Boy Movie is a perfect mixture of Music and Drama. The story of this movie is just perfect, and cinematography is brilliantly done. The songs like Azaadi and Doori are winning hearts.

In one day, with an engaging story full of emotions, fights, pain, fun this movie managed to collect 18+ crores on box office.

This movie is worth spending your time and money and you should watch it.

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