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Bollywood celebrities rocked with their single name.




Bollywood industry is impracticable to understand. No one can envisage what will lead to success and what to the failure. Many Bollywood celebrities have tried several things to impose their impression in a strong way. One of those is using a single name. There’s saying that ‘What’s there in the name?’, but for some celebrities, it was the luckiest factor.

Govinda– The very talented ‘Hero no. 1’ of the industry, Govinda is always known by his first name.  This Punjabi Munda has abbreviated his name because he feels his original name is too long. His original name is Govinda Arun Kumar Ahuja.

Dharmendra– Mr Dharam Singh Deol who is known as ‘Dharmendra’ in the whole industry. He changed his name because he thought Dharam isn’t suitable for this career. His sons Bobby and Sunny still use the last name ‘Deol’ but Dharamji never used.

Tabbu– Her real name is Tabbasum Hashami. She thought this name is very typical and hence shortened it to Tabu. She is now known as ‘Tabu’ everywhere. She has done movies in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu and in Hollywood too.

Rekha– The evergreen beauty debuted in the film industry with south Indian film. Her real name is Bhanurekha Ganeshan and she thought it is very odd for the industry and hence she made it just ‘Rekha’. Now we all know her and she is famous with her this name.


Rajnikant– Who doesn’t know him? Rajanikant is one of the first stars who went surname-less for the movies. His full and real name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. He is the versatile polyglot star who is famous everywhere.

Kajol– The ‘DDLJ’ girl Kajol Mukherjee is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood. She chose to use her first name only and she is famous with her name.

Jitendra– The ‘Jumping Jack’ of Bollywood, Jitendra changed his name from Ravi Kapoor. Many of us didn’t know his real name. His daughter Ekta uses his real name while writing her full name.

Shaan– The talented singer Mr Shaan avoided using his surname and shortened his first name. His real name Shantanu Mukherjee.




Monika is a Mechanical Engineering student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree from the College of Engineering, Pune. She is a blogger, writer and a published poet in an international poetry journal. Being highly addicted to social media, she always stays updated with all the trendy stuff, funny memes and random hashtags. Monika is a Bollywood buff who keeps track of almost everything about everyone from the film fraternity. She owns a playlist full of Hindi songs right from 1980 to 2019. Monika wants to follow her passion for writing because it helps her to grow as a person.

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