Blood and Treasure Season 2 gets delayed! (RUMOUR) Paget Brewster to star in Season 2.

“Blood and Treasure” is a Hollywood action-adventure series created by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia. The series initially dropped on 21 May 2019 with 12 episodes and concluded on 23 July 2019 on CBS TV.  “Blood and Treasure” favorably impressed the audience and is one of the most-watched shows on CBS that year. Before Season 1 could end, “Blood and Treasure” got renewed for a second season. 

“Blood and Treasure Season 2” Release Date

“Blood and Treasure Season 1” had a summer release; likely, we expected Season 2. But unfortunately, the pandemic didn’t let that happen. There are rumors that “Blood and Treasure Season 2” will be out by 2020. But sadly, producers state that there are no chances of “Blood and Treasure Season 2” to launch in 2020. That means Season 2 will be out in early 2021. 

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“Blood and Treasure Season 2” Cast

We expect the main cast of “Blood and Treasure Season 1” to return to Season 2.

  • Sofia Pernas plays Lexi Vaziri, an art thief.
  • Matt Barr plays Danny McNamara, a former FBI agent expert in stolen artworks and antiques.
  • Oded Fehr plays Karim Farouk, the terrorist.
  • Alicia Coppola plays Dr. Anna CastilloDanny‘s mentor. 

blood and treasure 2

Other casts include Michael James Shaw as Aiden ShawKatia Winter as Gwen Karlsson, James Callis as Simon Hardwick, and 

Mark Gagliardi as Father Chuck.

There are also rumors of Paget Brewster joining the cast of “Blood and Treasure Season 2.” 

“Blood and Treasure Season 2” Plot

The audience loved the mystery action-adventure series. Fans are waiting for the launch of “Blood and Treasure Season 2.” Well, Season 1 was fabulous. Season 1 filmed in various locations, and Season 2 would be more adventurous. The delay was quite a disappointment, but the wait will be worth it. 

Blood Treasure

The story is all about the main leads Lexi and Danny, who work together to trace out the absconded terrorist, Karim Farouk. The terrorist steals the valuable antiques, makes money out of it to pays his debts. Farouk also kidnaps Danny‘s Mentor, Dr. Anna, assuming that she might help crack out things. Danny and Lexi try to get hold of the terrorist to restore the antiques and protect Anna from the threat. In their mission, they find themselves stuck in a historical battle. Where will the duo lead?? Will they succeed in tracing the terrorist?? Will they be able to rescue Dr. Anna??

To know all these, we have to wait for the launch of “Blood and Treasure Season 2.”

Until then, enjoy the trailer of “Blood and Treasure Season 1.”


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